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The Bears Den: March 6, 2012

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"...where you hand all your money to the kittie."

Carimi proud part of Wisconsin legacy Mayer: Last season Bears tackle Gabe Carimi was among three Wisconsin offensive linemen who were selected in the NFL Draft and earned starting jobs as rookies. A year later, three more Badgers offensive linemen could get drafted.

Matt Forte’s worth clarified by contracts Jensen: The Bears were among a record 21 NFL clubs to use the franchise tag by the deadline Monday. No tag for potential Bears target Jackson

NFL security broadens investigation into Williams bounty system Pompei: NFL security broadened its investigation into Gregg Williams' bounty system Monday by bringing the former Saints defensive coordinator to New York for a meeting with investigators.

WCG on Twitter: Let's get #MattJones trending!

Jackson should be at the top of Bears' list Now that deadline for the franchise tag has passed and the Chargers are letting Vincent Jackson hit free agency, the Bears must make him their No. 1 priority says CSN's Kip Lewis. Chargers WR Jackson on Bears' radar

Ex-Bear Robinson: Bounties Are Part Of The Game WSCR: As several former NFL players have said, bounty systems are just a part of the game.

Hampton: Packers had bounty on Bears Isaacson: Dan Hampton believes the Packers had a bounty on the Bears in 1986. Ditka would have stopped bounties What if the bounty had a name and it's name was Ditka?

Salem witch trials The Saints and former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams are facing serious ramifications from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for the "bounty system" and former NFL QB Jim Miller weighs in on the situation.

Spare the anger over a bounty system in the NFL Simers: Please, enough with the moral outrage. Football fans love the hard hits, and to pretend to be upset over the Saints' supposed payments for taking players out is ridiculous. But is it Devin Hester ridiculous?

Breaking down the franchise tags Burke: The NFL’s franchise tag deadline came and went on Monday afternoon, but not before a plethora of big names — and potential free agents — were locked down by the league’s one-year contract clause. Brees is ‘livid’ about the franchise tag.

Randy Moss' workout tour could get interesting Bowen: With the possibility that Marques Colston won’t be back in New Orleans, the veteran WR will workout today for the Saints. What about Mario Williams?

The 1989 Bounty Bowl had a much different vibe than our current situation MJD: The last time bounties were a major topic of discussion in the NFL was back in 1989 when Philadelphia Eagles head coach Buddy Ryan was accused of putting a bounty on a couple of Dallas Cowboys.

Ronnie Montrose (R.I.P.):