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The Bears Den: March 7, 2012


"...where all hail seether."

Paul owns handful of Super Bowl rings Mayer: When ex-Bears safety Markus Paul retired from the NFL, he never dreamed he would ever win one Super Bowl ring, let alone enough to adorn every finger on one hand.

Mercilus impresses at Illinois pro day Pompei: The draft stock of Whitney Mercilus continued its upward trend Tuesday as the Illinois defensive end was the standout at the school's pro day.

Bears coach Lovie Smith backs Obama re-election Pearson: Smith is endorsing President Obama as part of an outreach effort by the re-election campaign to encourage continued support from the African-American community.

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Silverman: Bears Playing Forte For A Fool Your name is Matt Forte and you are seething.

Source: Bears will not bring back Hanie Dickerson: According to a source familiar with the situation, the Bears will not bring back quarterback Caleb Hanie to back up Jay Cutler. Let the Manning speculation begin.

Punishment vital in NFL bounty scandal Haugh: League intervention is necessary to remind teams where the line exists between the hard hitting that traditionally makes the game great and hired thuggery.

Briggs weighs in on 'bounties' Krinch: Bears linebacker Lance Briggs took to Twitter to weigh in on the 'bounty' system in the NFL. Also, the CTL panel discussed possible ramifications for the Saints.

Edholm: Multiple Teams Will Fight For Jackson One NFL expert thinks Jackson will be the most highly-sought out free agent on the market.

Will Emery meet V-Jax's price? Wright: Based on remarks made by former Emery colleagues, it would seem the new GM wouldn't be inclined to spend unnecessarily on Jackson, likely to be one of the most expensive acquisitions in free agency.

Inside the NFL Draft: Bears team needs NFP: WR is still a glaring need in Chicago.

NFL Free Agent Bargain Bin Evan Silva takes a look at ten free agents who could prove to be the best bargains when all is said and done.

Moss' workout with Saints a possible positive for Bears Randy Moss reportedly had a good workout with the Saints and John Mullin says that could be a positive for the Bears for a couple different reasons.

Goodell's mission to make NFL safe an impossible one Rosenberg: Roger Goodell trying to clean up his sport is like cleaning up dirt.

Re-run: Drunk babies are still the funniest thing ever: