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The Bears Den: March 8, 2012

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"...where we would like you to overly stress the 'h' in 'where'."

Test knowledge of Bears draft history Mayer: How much do you know about the Bears and the draft? Test your knowledge with this trivia quiz.

Reader Q&A: Dan Pompei's Bears mailbag The Tribune's Bears columnist answers your questions weekly.

Bears' Smith dines with WR prospect Hill Biggs: Lovie Smith has a history of hitting the road at this time of year to get to know players the Bears are considering at the top of the draft, and that's just what he did Tuesday.

Follow WCG on Twitter: Know when, where and what.

Williams would fit well with Bears... or Packers Lynn: Mario Williams will be one of the most coveted free agents and a panel of writers voiced their opinion on which team should sign him.

Florio: Hold Off On Jackson WSCR: Jackson is by far the best wide out available, but one NFL expert isn't so sure he's the right guy for the Bears.

Pompei: Big Moves Could Be Coming For The Bears The Bears can certainly use a big, physical No. 1 wide receiver, and a complement to Julius Peppers on the defensive line could pay great dividends.

Bears look to improve backup QB spot Wright: Indications are the Bears have a real desire to upgrade at backup QB.Those indications are called 'suckage'.

Peyton Manning faces reality of not being a Colt Farmer: Owner says he's doing what's best for the franchise and the quarterback, who is released after 14 seasons. How close were Bears to getting Peyton Manning in ‘98?

Manning's impact on Matt Flynn Quarterback Peyton Manning's pending availability won't have too much impact on the NFC North. It should, however, influence the landing spot of the Packers' Matt Flynn.

Peyton Manning: Buyer Beware Byrne: Now the fun begins: The feeding frenzy over which team will land the services of the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

The importance of Pro Days Gabriel: Georgia's Charles is just one example of what can go wrong in the process.

Team Needs and Top Free Agents PFF's has a nifty page put together all nice and neat for those playing along at home.

Your favorite team doesn't give a damn about you: Must read.

If mock drafts are your bag, baby, Walter Football was kind enough to post this and this.

Madden Cover 2013: If you dare.

Everybody digs chicks on bikes: