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Vincent Jackson would take less money to remain in San Diego

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Vincent Jackson fits the mold that the Bears are looking to fill for their wide receiver position. He's 6'5"... I could stop there, but he's a solid 230 pounds, he has #1 receiver skills, and he's gone over 1,000 yards receiving 3 of the last 4 years. He's reportedly on the Bears radar, as well as the radar of up to 7 other teams, but his heart may remain in San Diego. From the San Diego Union Tribune:

Working in the Chargers’ favor, though, is Jackson’s desire to remain in San Diego. According to those familiar with his thinking, he has compartmentalized his feelings about the team and wants to remain a part of the offense led by Philip Rivers and devised by Norv Turner. He would, according to sources, take less from the Chargers than another team, though not a whole lot less.

Even though sources report it, I don't see him staying a Charger. He's sure to command a contract in excess of $10 million a year, and as the consensus top WR on the market teams will fight for his services. The Redskins are rumored to want a high profile wide out to pair with who ever is taking snaps for them in 2012. The Bills are prepared to make a serious run at him to pair with the newly re-signed Steve Johnson. The Buccaneers have a boatload of cap room, the 49ers believe they just need to tweak their offense to make a Super Bowl run.

From the above linked SDUT article:

The Chargers have a number in mind, likely an average value of less than $11 million per year. But that might also be subject to a finite amount of wiggle room.

Unless someone is waiting on his doorstep with ridiculous money on March 13, Jackson is a sure bet to take his time and test the market. Will the Bears be willing to allow time to slip by waiting for a response from Jackson, all the while knowing he's gathering offers to check back with the Chargers for that home town discount? Or. Will they be the team throwing sick money at the free agent receiver right out of the gate?