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Chicago Bears Salary Cap Update - March 30th

Dane Noble on Facebook

Jason LaCanfora provides the salary cap situation of each NFL team as of March 30th, and the Chicago Bears numbers are as follows:

Current contracts: 49
Previous year carryover: $7,749,142.00
Adjustments: $3,463,000.00
Adjusted cap: $131,812,142.00
Team cap: $128,271,307.00
Cap room: $3,540,835.00
Team cash: $109,584,020.00

Not a whole lot of wiggle room left for this season, but that number could still fluctuate depending on roster moves not yet made. As much as we've heard that Phil Emery is a tireless worker, something tells me he isn't finished with Free Agency yet.

Some other notable cap situations from around the league:

Detroit Lions Cap room: $4,519,733.00

Green Bay Packers Cap room: $3,425,983.00

Minnesota Vikings Cap room: $14,574,450.00

New England Patriots Cap room: $9,944,664.00

Philadelphia Eagles Cap room: $16,255,888.00

Seattle Seahawks Cap room: $18,983,793.00

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cap room: $18,352,495.00

Stay tuned for more updates...