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Going Inside Phil Emery's Head


I think we can all agree that so far, so good for the Phil Emery era. He hasn't hit a homer on every swing, but he's at least making solid contact every time up to the plate. You do realize that the Chicago Bears have been the most active team in free agency. Then you add in the acquisition of a legit number one receiver with Jay Cutler's former favorite target Brandon Marshall for a paltry two 3rd round draft picks, and you have a much different team than the one that limped to an 8-8 finish last year. But where will Phil Emery go from here?

Until we can get a sense of his drafting prowess, it's hard to say which way he'll go. Is he a high ceiling kind of drafter or a high floor guy. (I just love talking drafty) Without an actual track record of his own, it's hard to predict if he'll go best player available regardless of position, or if he'll go on a need by need basis. Steven already looked at the flexibility Emery will have on draft weekend, and Steve looked at Emery's wish list for the draft, so let's try and get inside Phil's noggin and speculate on what his plans are...

What do we know so far?

He isn't afraid to make a big move if he believes it'll help the Bears.

Even though the trade for Marshall was for a mere pittance the normal cost a No. 1 WR should fetch, he understood the baggage he'll be bringing to Chicago far outweighs those two 3rd's. And that baggage that was made even bigger hours before the trade was consummated with Marshall's latest night club incident. Emery still pulled the trigger, and in that one move he not only made the Bears offense better, but he made his franchise QB happy.

So what does this tell us?

Don't be surprised if Emery makes big splash number 2 on draft day.

While his predecessor rarely would move up in the draft (because it's much safer to trade down), Emery may have a target in mind that he wants to acquire that is worth the price to move up. And what player could that be?

Emery and the Bears were players for the best defensive end on the market in Mario Williams.

And let us not forget they were also rumored to be targeting a few other veteran DEs during free agency. So... if an impactful DE like Quinton Coples looks to be sliding in the least, perhaps Emery will aggressively go get him.

Then again...

Since DE is the one position they appear to have failed to get, maybe pick #19 will be spent that a way. Whitney Mercilus, Andre Branch, Courtney Upshaw, and Nick Perry are all DEs that could be had at 19.

What do ya mean, "DE is the one position they failed to get", what about offensive line?!?

Well, they didn't really fail to land any o-linemen because they never really were after any. If you believe what Lovie Smith and Mike Tice are saying, then we have to think they really like and are very confident in their guys. Yes, even that very odd Twitter follow, J'Marcus Webb. He regularly tweets to his J'Webb Nation. Seriously...


As reiterated in this fanpost, Emery believes football is a big man's game.

And there is no bigger, in terms of sheer mass, position group than the offensive line. So maybe he'll want to upgrade the line. Since his 1st big splash was to make Jay Cutler happy, maybe he'll make him even happier by upgrading the guys paid to protect his QB. Or... "big" could mean a giant 350 pound defensive tackle...

But wouldn't another receiver like Michael Floyd or a tight end like Coby Fleener make Jay Sizzle happy too?

Forget it. I have no idea what Emery's gonna do. I hope you're just as confused now as I am.