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The Bears Den: April 12, 2012


"...where not having to wonder if the Bears will ever find a franchise QB isn't going to get old any time soon."

Lance Briggs earns one-year extension - Star LB won back fans' approval by piping down and playing well. Extension makes it more likely Briggs will see the end of his contract, if his play holds up.

Matt Forte won’t sign anything but a long-term deal - I thumb my nose at your demeaning offer of $7.7 million for 1 year!

Does your GM run an efficient scouting department? - "Those who get (it) wrong and don’t run an efficient department and leverage the hard work of the area scouts will dwell in the loss column for years to come." Thanks, Jerry.

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Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall form 'dynamic combination' - Gruden's head set to explode with sheer level of "that guy"-ness.

McCaskey pleased with Emery “adjustments” - Says Emery's plan has been well executed and the Bears now prepare to fill any gaps during the draft.

Free-agent tackle Adam Goldberg visiting Bears - Bears bring in another veteran OT whom Tice is familiar with.

Blogger Blitz: Devin Hester as a receiver - Seifert points out the Bears have tried this before, and he'll turn 30 during the season. Old dog, new tricks?

Don Banks' Mock Draft - Has a hotly debated pass rusher going at #19... Bears to host Syracuse DE prospect Jones. 2012 Draft Prospects - Videos of some of the top prospects on the team's website. Risers and fallers.

NFL draft preview: Quarterbacks - Isn't it nice not to have to wonder if the Bears can finally find their franchise QB? Yeah, that's still not getting old.

Wes Bunting: Late Round Sleepers that can stick - Some late round options who have a chance to make NFL rosters. Best undrafted players currently in the NFL.

Know thy enemy: Minnesota Vikings team needs - Well, they have a really good RB and DE... and, um... perhaps they might be best served trading down for more picks.

Are there many teams looking to trade down? - "Lack of premium talent at the top of the draft will make it difficult." Oh. Who is the greatest second-round pick of all time? - Our vote would be for a certain Hall of Fame middle linebacker who played for a certain team from a certain town that begins with "C" and rhymes with "Hicago"...

If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It (warning: salty language)