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Which Position of Need Can the Bears Afford to Wait On?

Gabe Carimi's return to the lineup could mean a reduced need at offensive tackle.
Gabe Carimi's return to the lineup could mean a reduced need at offensive tackle.

The Bears have plenty of needs to work with, and only so many starter-quality players to take in the draft and sign in free agency. So it's fair to say that when working in a limited-resources environment, the organization's needs have to be prioritized.

That's nothing new, though; it's management 101, allocate resources to where they can be best put to use. But it's usually not that simple. So let's play a little game this morning: If the Bears could fill all their "primary" needs except for one, which one would you be okay with not addressing?

For myself, it's a toss-up between receiver and offensive tackle, but I'm going to lean towards the offensive line. I'd say receiver except for one thing: Johnny Knox. Knox's absence (for training camp, for the year, for next year, who knows) leads to a gaping hole in the 2 or 3 spot in the depth chart, which needs to be filled.

The offensive tackle position, though, I would be okay neglecting (and by neglecting, I mean not adding a new starter - of course depth is always good). Thing is, they're already getting a first round pick back - Gabe Carimi. He only played six quarters before his injury, so he may not be as much of a known quantity as we'd like, but when you can put a first-round tackle in a spot held down for most of the year by a seventh-round guard, there's very likely an upgrade there. J'Marcus Webb may not be very good even under a new offensive coordinator, and I'm not going to say Mike Tice's scheme will make it easier on Webb, but he would have something he was denied in the CBA issues last year - a full offseason working with his coaches at the position he'd start the year.

What position would you guys be okay with skipping, if you could address all primary needs except for one?