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What Draft Previews Said About Current Bears

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So around draft time, everyone's got their own interpretation of how a player looks currently or will develop at the next level. Some "can't miss" prospects, well, miss (see: Leaf, Ryan), and some projected busts, UDFAs, or overdrafted players turn into the league's superstars.

The Bears' official website decided to pull out the old draft reports of some current Bears; how close were they?

The reports the Bears' website pulled out were from Pro Football Weekly's draft guide. For example, let's start right off the bat with Lance Briggs...

"Productive three-year starter with good intangibles. Hustles and plays hard. Has good speed and range. Has some ability to take on blockers and is good at slipping off them. There are teams who like Briggs as high as the second round, but question his toughness because he seems unwilling to take on blocks. Good enough to make a team and contribute, but might never provide what teams are looking for in a starter."

I'd say Briggs has made it just fine, wouldn't you say? Here's the media's seemingly-former favorite punching bag, Jay Cutler...

"Has good size, strength and athletic ability and looks every bit the part. Has a cannon of an arm that allows him to improvise and get out of trouble. Throws a tight spiral, generates great velocity on his ball and can drill the deep out. Relies too much on his big arm and throws off his back foot when he does not have to. Has all the physical tools teams look for in a quarterback, and almost all of his flaws are correctable."

Last, I'll pull out Johnny Knox's profile...

"Is quick off the line and into his routes and can sink his hips and accelerate out of breaks. Excellent timed speed and outstanding play speed. Shows the ability to separate. Very good concentration and body control to adjust to the off-line throw. Carries a swagger and the game is not too big for him. Has a narrow build and is not strong on contact. Average return skills. Should make a team as a slot receiver and contribute."

Take a look at what the Bears' website pulled up, and feel free to add your own. Who was a guy you wanted that draftniks were down on? Which draft superstar did the Bears take that you think they should have passed on? And on which current Bear were the draftniks the most wrong about?