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NFL Thoughts: Chicago Bears and Beyond

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It's been a while since I threw up some of my random Thoughts on all things NFL, and with the draft quickly approaching (round one in 10 days!) it's time to get a few out there. Be sure to join in on the discussion and let us know some of your thoughts...

1) I won't be surprised if Michael Floyd is the first WR selected in the draft.

2) Much like linebackers took a while to find homes during free agency, I'd expect many linebackers to slip in the draft. The exception being the edge rushing OLBs.

3) Robert Griffin III will have a better rookie year statistically than Andrew Luck, however both will have very good years.

4) If Wisconsin QB Russell Wilson ends up with a QB needy team, he'll end up starting as a rookie.

5) I've seen Memphis DT Dontari Poe mocked to the Bears at 19, and I hope that isn't the case. I was enamored with his out of this world combine numbers, but the more I look into him, the more I see a huge bust factor. He's a high ceiling low floor kind of player.

6) I hope the rumors are true, and the Vikings trade back from the 3rd pick. I don't want to see them pick up LT Matt Kalil, who I believe will be an an anchor for years.

7) With so many teams looking to trade back in this years draft the price to move up may be lower than in years past. An aggressive team could drastically alter their talent with a few shrewd moves.

8) Matt Forte isn't the only high profile running back that won't be at his teams voluntary off season workouts that start today. Baltimore's Ray Rice, also slapped with the franchise tag, plans to skip the workout. I wonder who will crack first and set the new market for running backs?

9) And for those of you overly concerned that your team won't be at full strength for this first voluntary workout, here's what they'll be missing;

During the first phase, which will be conducted during the first two weeks, activities will be limited to strength and conditioning and physical rehab, with only strength and conditioning coaches allowed on the field with players. Helmets are prohibited, and footballs are permitted on the field only for quarterbacks throwing to receivers provided they are not covered by other players.

10) Can the New Orleans Saints be any stupider? Naming linebackers coach Joe Vitt as their interim Head Coach while Sean Payton serves his year suspension. Still no word on who'll take over for Vitt when he's serving his 6 game suspension. Stupid...