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The Bears Den: April 16, 2012

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"...where we're looking for Bears-related news that isn't about the draft and... oh, former Bear David Terrell kindly threatened to throw his ex off a balcony."

Jim Miller: Can the Bears trust Brandon Marshall? - Actually seems to be talking about whether or not Cutler can trust Marshall to catch the ball (Verdict: Bro Code prevails).

Conte ready to for voluntary offseason workout program - Safety has recovered from season-ending second-degree Lisfranc ligament sprain.

With no clear No. 1 need, Bears coy on draft plans - "What do the Bears need in the upcoming NFL draft? Don’t ask."

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Former Bears receiver David Terrell arrested for domestic battery - He really needs a new lawyer. This one seems to have given up.

NFP Sunday Blitz: Pro Day Revelations - Among other items, draftniks might like a round-up of how pro days affected the stock of some players touted as possible targets for the Bears. Stephen Hill "ready for an NFL offense".

ESPN NFCN weekend mailbag - Seifert answers a query about a clause the Bears should have put in Briggs' contract extension.

ProFootballFocus Draft Grader: Chicago Bears - Ouch. I said I wasn't looking forward to the Bears edition of this, and I still disagree with the notion that "Forte can run between the tackles" unless you add "but he's not very effective there". For all that Jerry was touted to have found starters in the lower rounds, people seem to miss the fact that they're usually not very good starters.

Gap Control: Interior Offense - Bears bottom-5 at running through the A-gap. Whatup!

Coples says he's just getting started at RDE - Says questions about his play have more to do with position change than effort. Projected to go between picks 8-16.

Ranking the Top 10 DB prospects - Since some mock drafts have the Bears going CB in the first.

Steals in the RB class - Seems unlikely Bears will go RB, but you never know: toys may be thrown out of prams.

WalterFootball: Charlie Campbell's Mock Draft - Updated with different picks in the first three rounds, in the aftermath of the Hayden signing.

Bears draft preview: Centers - Assessing Bears' needs. Weak draft class. Did you know we're rubbish at running through the A-gap?

Bears draft preview: Guards - Assessing Bears' needs. Possibly only two will be drafted in first 2 rounds

Bears draft preview: Tackle - J-vote-me-to-the-pro-bowl-Webb's brilliant. We don't need no steeeenkin' tackles. Seriously, could none of these guys step in and. simply, NOT be among the league's worst starting LTs? That's all I ask.

NFL: Ranking 1st round QBs of the last decade - Rex isn't the worst. Having a nickname like "Sex Cannon" probably worth a couple of slots. Whatup!

A look back at the 2009 NFL Draft's first round - Tough to "hit" in the draft, even at the top end of the talent pool. Time to suit up. (Apologies, I watched a lot of Barney Stinson this weekend.)

Re-grading Bears' 2011 draft - A look back on the Bears' 2011 draft with the benefit of hindsight and without all the immediate aftermath of draft-day optimism. 2011 draft re-do - Bears feature yet again in the "wasted draft" category after receiving minimal contributions from top two picks. Hard to call Jerry for it this early, but it certainly didn't help him keep his job.

This one's for ECD.