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The Bears Den: April 17, 2012


"...where the idea of making it The Village People's Greatest Hits week was initially only a joke, but..."

Smith, Bears setting their sights on a title - Includes video footage of Bears players working out, presented by Teh Mayer.

Bears reinstate RB Unga - Likely will have to make himself indispensable on special teams to make roster.

Like most in draft, Bears unlikely to see the best DE coming - A bit like Cutler when J-Webb is protecting his blindside, amirite?

Follow WCG on Twitter. We want you, we want you, we want you as a new recruit!

'Jay Cutler is going to blow up this year' - Has Dilfer made an about-face, or is he just a cowardly, rubbish ex-QB who goes along with the general concensus? You decide.

10 days to go: The latest state of Bears draft needs - Moon Mullin breaks down team's likely needs.

Lingering NFL offseason issues, best available free agents and winners/losers - Bears feature with Forte and FA signings.

Football Outsiders: Broken Tackles 2011 - Forte an impressive 7th in broken tackles / touch percentage, until you remember that he was taken out for short yardage and goalline run situations.

How do players view the NFL schedule release? - Bowen spills the beans.

For young talent, the offseason program is crucial - Marcus Harrison ate the beans. And everything else.

Wes Bunting: First Round Surprises - Who'll be full of beans if they sneak into round one? NFL Head Coach Power Rankings - "Ranking Smith is like trying to collect your thoughts on why you own an Astrovan."

Bears draft preview: Tight ends - Team have scheduled pre-draft visit with Cincinnati tight end Adrien Robinson. Thin draft class.

Peter King's MMQB - "Ten things I think I think with this year's draft approaching"

WalterFootball's updated 6-round mock draft - Another one for the draftniks.

Bill Walsh's draft philosophies: Six lessons from the master - Michael Lombardi recalls six enduring lessons he learned about player evaluation under the legendary coach. We can't wait for the Jerry Angelo edition.

Billick: How to Draft a QB, Part 1: Nobody knows anything - "Need is a terrible negotiator and an even worse evaluator."

Best NFL draft picks at every position in first round - As if there was any need for a reason to show you a picture of the best ever draft pick taken fourth overall...

The Colonel hono(u)red by Illinois House - Resolution designates August 6, 2012 "Richard Dent Day" in Illinois. The best first-round RBs of the last decade - Cedric Benson should really be graded twice, once for his time in Chicago and the other for Cincinnati.

Stafford calls Lions "a mature team" - "The Lions have followed a 2011 season in which they were one of the league leaders in stupid penalties on the field with an offseason in which they're one of the league leaders in stupid incidents off the field." Stafford either has a very dry sense of humour, or he doesn't understand Quod erat demonstrandum.

Antonio Cromartie won’t do reality show about his 10 kids by 8 women - I tried, but no sarcastic remark I could come up for this could beat the story itself :-D

Ray Lewis issued subpoena for Nate Webster’s sex trial - Nature or nurture? Are Bengals miscreants drafted, or made?

Together! We will go our way...