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Chicago Bears 2012 Schedule


Well, now we know when we can first see what these two are going to look like when reunited.

Much like previous seasons, the 2012 NFL schedule is starting to leak out, as we approach the official unveiling at 6pm CT.

Of course, the Giants schedule always seems to make its way out early, and you can check it out at the mothership. With the Bears schedule starting to leak out, there's some interesting primetime sessions already. Keep it here as we update the schedule after the jump.

Update: Now complete with times.

Week Date Away Home Time
1 Sep 9th Colts @ Bears 1:00 ET
2 Sep 13th Bears @ Packers 8:20 ET
3 Sep 23rd Rams @ Bears 1:00 ET
4 Oct 1st Bears @ Cowboys 8:30 ET
5 Oct 7th Bears @ Jaguars 4:15 ET
6 Oct 14th BYE
7 Oct 22nd Lions @ Bears 8:30 ET
8 Oct 28 Panthers @ Bears 1:00 ET
9 Nov 4 Bears @ Titans 1:00 ET
10 Nov 11 Texans @ Bears 8:20 ET
11 Nov 19 Bears @ 49ers 8:30 ET
12 Nov 25 Vikings @ Bears 1:00 ET
13 Dec 2 Seahawks @ Bears 1:00 ET
14 Dec 9 Bears @ Vikings 1:00 ET
15 Dec 16 Packers @ Bears 1:00 ET
16 Dec 23 Bears @ Cardinals 4:15 ET
17 Dec 30 Bears @ Lions 1:00 ET

Looks like a tough start for Andrew Luck. Oh well, that's why it sucks to be a rookie. Looking at 4-5 primetime match-ups, it's safe to say the NFL thinks the Bears are going to be contenders...or at least thinks their opponents will be.

We'll go in-depth with plenty of previews of these games over the summer, so as always, make sure to check back at WCG. But what's your first take on this schedule?