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The Bears Den: April 18, 2012

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"...where we think tackling Julius Peppers to the ground should really count as holding."

Larry Mayer's Chalk Talk - Will Bears offense make history this season?

[Video] If kickoffs go away, what’s next? - Florio considers how the NFL's emphasis on improving player safety may ultimately change the game.

The best games on the 2012 NFL schedule - Chris Burke's best-matchup-of-the-week includes two involving the Beloved.

Follow WCG on Twitter. Then every day will be like NFL Schedule Release Day.

Bears' schedule analysis from Jim Miller, Moon Mullin (nearly half of games will be against QBs in 1st or 2nd year), Sean Jensen, Brad Biggs (Bears total air miles far fewer than in 2011),, Kevin Seifert (Bears have maximum allowable number of prime-time games), and ProFootballWeekly (with six games against playoff teams, Bears schedule tied for the 20th-toughest).

Peter King's MMQB (Tuesday edition) - Brought to you on a Wednesday. Haven't figured out how to squeeze Thursday and Friday into proceedings yet.

Wes Bunting's Mock Draft 7.0 - Bears go DE.

Top 2nd Round Values - Which top prospects could fall outside of round one?

DeCastro projected as a future Pro Bowl guard - Would Bears pass him by if he falls within reach?

Pompei: Deep WR draft class - Moon Mullin asks if there are any there any elite WRs. Quinton Coples Interview - Says teams have been considering using him at DE, DT, and pass-rushing OLB.

ProFootballFocus; Gap Control: Outside Offense - Bears second only to Panthers at running to the outside in 2011.

Football Outsiders: Who Drew Most Offensive Holding Flags in 2011? - Peppers was only held 4 times, apparently.

Know thy enemy: Football Outsiders: Scouting the Lions - How did the Saints take on the Lions in the playoff game?

Know thy enemy: Vikings stadium bill in doubt - Is the next step to threaten to leave?

Más important... millones...