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The Bears Den: April 19, 2012

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"...where the cat is threatening to walk on my keyboard again..."

Bears sign ex-49ers guard Chilo Rachal - Former 49ers starter joins on one 1-year contract. Is a linebacker next?

Bears to host South Carolina DE Melvin Ingram - Also visits for WR Alshon Jeffery, LB Dont'a Hightower.

USAToday team report - Read this and level up.

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Dan Pompei's Bears mailbag - Have fans been unfair to Jerry Angelo?

Robbie Gould decries 'pee wee football' - Threatens switch to strong safety. No, I just made that up.

Luck's first test: Bears' Cover 2 defense - Matt Bowen on what wunderkind Andrew Luck will face in his first game in the NFL. My guess: a faceful of Peppers.

The Hopes and Dreams of Draft Day - Jack Bechta: How a player handles draft day says a lot about who he is. If he'd been there, would Marcus Harrison have waddled up for the handshake with a bucket of junk food?

The NFL’s biggest draft busts since 2000 - Only one Bear on the list. Bears didn't give Jerry enough top-10 picks to do his thing.

Don Banks' Mock Draft 6.0 - Has Bears going OT in the first round, an idea that seems to have fallen out of favo(u)r in recent mocks. Played in pro-style offense for 3 years.

Wes Bunting's Week Long Mock: Round Two - After the Bears take DE Whitney Mercilus in the 1st, in the 2nd we go...?

Mel Kiper's three-round mock - DT in the third?

Draft is stocked with explosive receivers - Mayer can finally stop adding "...none of which our super GM Jerry Angelo will ever draft" in his draft previews. Draft tiers: Elite prospects, blue chips, red chips - Bucky Brooks breaks down the tiers of top-end prospects.

NFL draft preview: Cornerbacks - Will Bears target one?

Bears draft preview: Quarterbacks - Unlikely to add one in draft. Who is the greatest first-round pick of all time? - Bears have representatives in first and second rounds. Unfortunately the list didn't go as far as the eight round.

Football Outsiders: SackSEER 2012 - Statistical modeling predicts this to be a poor year for edge rushers. To be fair, they acknowledge how badly wrong they got it for Jason Pierre-Paul. 2012 season prediction - What's Jay thinking in this photo? My guess: Boom! How's THAT for a sex cannon?

Former Bears exec Tim Ruskell will be sitting this draft out - Says Jerry has no intention to retire, either, hopes another team will let him/them ruin it.

You can't stop the music!