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Jim Miller Weighs In On Round One

Sometimes first round picks are taken on overall athletic ability for the draft position, and sometimes they're taken based on what they offer in terms of a particular skillset or other ability. Former Bears quarterback Jim Miller decided to offer his thoughts on what first round picks would fit what the Bears' do. Let's take a look at some of his thoughts after the jump.

His picks are more based on what the Bears' do as a team and less about who might be the best player at the position overall, so there might be a few changes between what you think and what he thinks. Take, for instance, Stephen Hill, someone who gets a pretty mixed reception around here...

Other than Justin Blackmon in Round 1, I think Hill will be a very special NFL wide receiver. It is rare for a guy Hill's size to run 4.36. Don't believe the hype about Georgia Tech's offense not preparing wide receivers. Detroit's Calvin Johnson and Denver's Demaryius Thomas are difference makers who block coming out of Tech. Watch what Thomas does this year with Peyton Manning. Jay Cutler would love to work wonders breaking in Hill.

I can't really find a good justification for "These guys went to this school, so get the other guy from this school" line of reasoning. Calvin Johnson is a special special player, and so far, Demaryius Thomas is okay. But that doesn't mean that Hill will succeed in the fashion that those two have so far. There's far more that goes into being a solid NFL player than what school you came from. That being said, Hill could very well be a productive NFL player. I'm not sure though if he's in the same breath as Justin Blackmon or even Michael Floyd, though.

As far as offensive line...

Only the Bears know where Gabe Carimi's health is at this point. Only offensive coordinator Mike Tice can truly tell you if he is comfortable with J'Marcus Webb at left tackle. Webb gave up sacks, but a handful came as a direct result of Mike Martz's play-calling. I personally like Adams over Martin, but a recent positive drug test by Adams has him dropping to late first round. Why? It's interesting that this news comes out prior to the draft. Some team leaked it, hoping Adams will fall. I don't think he will. Adams is too good.

Quick hint, so far, Webb seems to still have Tice's approval.

What do you think? Of the players Miller highlighted, which would you want at Round 1?