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What's the Right Spot To Add To The Cornerback Mix?

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The Bears worked hard to improve the cornerback position in the last couple weeks, adding Kelvin Hayden and Jonathan Wilhite to a position with perennial starter Charles TIllman and Tim Jennings, who started fifteen games last season. And they could still try to add to the position in the draft - we've seen mocks take cornerbacks for the Bears anywhere from the second to the fifth round. But what time is the right time?

The question largely hinges on how favorably you view Tim Jennings' viability to start both now and in the future. According to Pro Football Focus, Jennings had only five games where he rated out negatively overall, and had another five games where he rated out higher than +1. He had two games where he allowed a 100 QB rating throwing at him, but overall allowed only a 68.8 rating.

But what will largely stick with Jennings is his benching in favor of Zackary Bowman in Green Bay after a tough game against Seattle and the two interceptions he completed after the seemingly countless balls that hit off his hands.

What rounds in the draft would you be comfortable drafting a cornerback? How big a priority do you consider the position? Peruse ESPNChicago's cornerback digest and sound off.