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What Player Don't You Want At #19?

"I swear, the fish was this big! Wait, what... oh yeah, with the nineteeth pick, the Chicago Bears select..."
"I swear, the fish was this big! Wait, what... oh yeah, with the nineteeth pick, the Chicago Bears select..."

With mere days remaining before we finally get to see what kind of magic touch new General Manager Phil Emery can wield in the NFL Draft, we've looked at the draft in a number of ways. Trade possibilities, ideal drafts, mocks, etc. However, when the Bears' next first round pick is finally announced, what one player do you not want the Bears to draft? Hit the jump to look at the likeliest candidates for the #19 pick and vote for the player you don't want the Bears to draft.

A few ground rules for this exercise before we get to the candidates. We're assuming the Bears' don't trade the pick and stay at #19. Also, we're not getting into who's available in such and such scenario; when it comes to the Bears' pick, we're concerned with the name you don't want to hear announced at #19. And, it need not be said (but I'll say it anyway), we're looking at possible picks at #19, not some horribly unrealistic choice ("no to Tannenhill!" or "I don't want Egnew!").

The Sliders

Players that won't be considered are guys that would have to slide to us - based on mock drafts - or would seem to be viewed as bonified homerun picks by the general masses here at WCG. So we won't consider Quentin Coples, Michael Floyd, Luke Kuechly, or Matt Kalil. To get one of those guys it would take a major tumble or a trade up.

The Reaches

We also won't be listing players that would be considered reaches (at least by me based on the mock drafts I've seen) at #19. Nick Perry and Chandler Jones have been getting first round buzz, but I don't think either merit a pick at #19 (even though I like both players). Peter Konz will probably be a great center, but drafting him or a guard like Zeitler at that spot would be generally perceived as too high. Same goes for guys like Bruce Irvin or Brandon Thompson. Cody Fleener could be an option, but probably is too high for a tight end with blocking issues (Charmin 2?).

The Choices

Whitney Mercilus comes up at #19 the most in mock drafts, with the biggest misgivings being his one-year wonder status. Jonathan Martin seems to be the mock consensus option for the Bears' in the first round if they go offensive line, but he has technique concerns and may not be an ideal fit for the Bears' blocking scheme. A trio of receivers fill out the rest of the poll choices, each possessing some weakness that could prevent them from being drafted earlier. Alshon Jeffrey has conditioning issues; Kendall Wright is smallish and his brilliant last season in college is tempered by the RG3 machine; Stephen Hill has a huge potential upside, but also only caught 26 passes last season.

The Others

As always, you may have another player you don't want to see the Bears' pick at #19. It could be one the cornerbacks available like Kirkpatrick, Ohio State tackle Mike Adams, or maybe one of the defensive tackles that could still be on the board like Brockers. If you choose other, hit up the comment section with your reasons for the choice. And remember, keep it realistic. If your "Other" pick is Bryan Anger, I may internet slap you.