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The Bears Den: April 26, 2012

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"...where... too many mock drafts... losing will to live... Rosebud..."

Figure Bears to address defensive concerns mostly in draft - Brad Biggs: With much of the offseason devoted to bolstering the offense, the club needs youth to support aging defense.

Now isn’t the time for Bears to get defensive in draft - 'Not once last season did I say to myself, ‘‘If the Bears only had a DE to take the pressure off Peppers, they’d win a championship!’’'

Draft prospect Chris Owusu personifies football's struggle with concussions - Stanford wideout/returner has a sprinter's speed and a bodybuilder's physique. He also has a medical report that makes NFL teams wince.

Follow WCG on Twitter. Refreshes the parts other twitfeeds can't.

Bears will have ample choices in first round to fit a pressing need - Should be worthy prospects available at DE, DT, OL and WR.

Emery's draft philosphy will soon be revealed - "Does not view (bad) luck as a factor in higher draft picks failing as much as (good) luck plays into lower picks succeeding."

Bell signs tender - RFA did not receive an offer from another club.

Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback (Tuesday edition) - Brought to you on a Thursday.

Crop of quality DBs not too deep in draft - Mayer can finally stop adding "...and so our super GM Jerry Angelo will pull out his small school project player magic once again!"

Bowen: Draft can be wake-up call for veterans - "If their team selects a player for their position high up, it reflects on how they truly are regarded for the future."

Michael Irvin: Wright and Jenkins are NFL draft steals - Bears have shown interest in WR Kendall Wright. "Quiet and low-profile by nature".

One final look at Kendall Wright - Matt Bowen uses video to break down the 3-step 'hot' read.

Five players who could be sleepers - /Insert joke about Jerry here.

Top small-school draft prospects - /Insert sarcastic remark about Jerry here.

Five players who could fall - Bears linked to several potential fallers.

Eve of the Draft: NFC Needs - "Chicago can’t keep losing its QB to injury every season and expect to remain competitive."

USA TODAY's mock draft - Has Bears going DL in round 1. As does Dan Pompei, Sam Farmer, ProFootballTalk,,, Walterfootball (Charlie Campbell), and Walterfootball (Greg Cox). I just don't care any more.

Know thy enemy: Packers part with Nick Collins - An already weak seconday is further debilitated by loss of Pro Bowl safety.

boondock_saint812 suggested this Carpenters cover by Sonic Youth.