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It's go time! Your 2012 NFL Draft/ Chicago Bears Open Thread

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Outside of the Super Bowl, this is the biggest night of the year for the NFL, and probably the most exciting night for each team's fanbase. Some feel they are only a couple pieces away from competing for the Lombardi trophy, while others have a lot more work to do. Some fans have complete faith in the executives making the decisions, while others already have jerseys and mattresses soaking in gasoline.

Here's the way this will work: Below the jump, you will find a Draft table. With each selection, we will update the table... Once the Bears make their pick, we will have a stand-alone post go up with a quick analysis. After that, we'll reconvene back here for the remainder of round one.

After its all over for the night, we'll have a wrap-up post that you'll need to hit up before crashing for the night. And then tomorrow we will do it all again. Have fun!

Update: Just after 7pm ET, the Vikings traded their #3 overall pick to the Browns for their #4, and three extra picks (4th, 5th, and 7th round picks).

The Buccaneers traded the #5 pick to the Jaguars, acquiring the #7 pick and a 4th rounder. The Rams traded the #6 pick to the Cowboys for a swap and a second rounder.

Pick Team Player Position School Notes
01 Colts Andrew Luck QB Stanford Facing #54 in week 1.
02 Redskins Robert Griffin, III QB Baylor
03 Browns Trent Richardson RB Alabama From Vikings
04 Vikings Matt Kalil OT USC
05 Jaguars Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State From Buccaneers. Bucs swap, get 4th rd pick.
06 Cowboys Morris Claiborne CB LSU From Rams
07 Buccaneers Mark Barron DB Alabama
08 Dolphins Ryan Tannehill QB Texas A&M
09 Panthers Luke Kuechly LB BC
10 Bills
11 Chiefs
12 Seahawks
13 Cardinals
14 Rams From Cowboys.
15 Eagles
16 Jets
17 Bengals
18 Chargers
19 Bears
20 Titans
21 Bengals
22 Browns
23 Lions
24 Steelers
25 Broncos
26 Texans
27 Patriots
28 Packers
29 Ravens
30 49ers
31 Patriots
32 Giants