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Chicago Bears 2012 1st Round Draft Pick: DE Shea McClellin

New Chicago Bears GM Phil Emery continued the trend of his predecessor by raising a few eyebrows with his first 2012 draft pick. But make no bones about it, Boise State DE Shea McClellin has all the tools to make a huge impact opposite Julius Peppers in their pass-rush attack.

Nearly every scouting report on McClellin touts his motor, relentlessness, and ability to make plays both against the run and versus the pass. He can drop back in coverage when needed, and burst off the edge to pursue the QB.

If Peppers was not on the roster, this would be a totally different scenario. But having to face Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford twice per year means the team needed to upgrade their pass rush.

WCG Writer's Grades:

Dane B+
Steven S.'s Grade: B
Kev's Grade: B
David Taylor's Grade: B-

This should mean the team can focus on the OL and WR in the next couple of rounds. Your grade?

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