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POLL: What Position Should the Bears Target in Round Two?

So, it seems, from skimming the threads from last night, that most everyone had a good time and enjoyed the first round of the draft, furthermore, the reception of Phil Emery's first draft pick is lukewarm. Personally, I like it, the team didn't need a defensive end who would play every down as a rookie, they need a guy who can contribute on third downs, passing downs, right away. McClellin can do that. Anyway, what I want to focus on is day two of the draft. Rounds two and three. What should the Bears target tonight, specifically in round two with pick 50? First, though I am going give some thoughts from last night. Feel free to chime in.

Last night was a crazy first round, one of the craziest in recent memories, in my opinion. Tons of trades, especially inside the top ten. I was surprised that Minnesota convinced Cleveland they had enough bidders for number three that Cleveland felt that HAD to move up one spot to get the guy they liked at four. Jacksonville getting Blackmon is a solid pick.

I feel like the big losers in the top six was St. Louis. Losing out on Blackmon and Claibourne and then finally getting Michael Brockers. They do have a lot of picks at the top of round two though and there are still some good players there.

So for all the talk about the de-valuing of the running back position, how their is less of an emphasis on them in round one and blah blah blah. Well we saw almost as many RBs taken in round one (3) as WRs (4) plus a team traded up for a running back.

Brandon Weeden is going to get mistaken for Colt McCoy's dad. He's old.

The Bears' foes made some solid picks, but no one that strikes fear into me as a Bears fan as far as this season goes. You can play around a dominant LT (especially two who will likely have as many growing pains as Reiff and Kalil will). The scariest pick, to me is Perry to the Packers. He could make an impact as a rookie but hopefully the Bears' blocking gets better and can slow him and Clay Matthews down. Harrison Smith is a solid pick but the Vikings corners are still garbage.

Elsewhere on the schedule, the Cowboys secondary looks much-improved with Claibourne and Brandon Carr. We'll see how our new and improved WR corps and Cutler fare against them in week 4.

All right, now onto the main event, the poll. In addition to the question, who, specifically would you like to see target at nos. 50 and 72? Stephen Hill, Alshon Jeffery and Rueben Randle are all still on the board at receiver, Coby Fleener at TE, Cordy Glenn, Mike Adams and Jonathan Martin at OL, and many others. Should the Bears stay put or try to trade up?