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Who Will the Bears Target in Rounds 2 and 3?

Shea McClellin (Boise State) is interviewed by ESPN reporter Suzy Kolber after being introduced as the number nineteen overall pick to the Chicago Bears. Reports say he did not "pull a Namath."
Shea McClellin (Boise State) is interviewed by ESPN reporter Suzy Kolber after being introduced as the number nineteen overall pick to the Chicago Bears. Reports say he did not "pull a Namath."

The Shea McClellin pick took most (if not all) of us by surprise, but it seems like a move many of us are talking ourselves into. A high motor guy with a good passing rushing skillset and a high floor (i.e. less likely to bust) takes care of one of the Bears' main needs, but tonight's picks in Rounds 2 and 3 will give us a better understanding of the mindset of new General Manager Phil Emery.

With the defensive end position addressed, the Bears' remaining need areas include: offensive line (any and all positions), wide receiver, cornerback, linebacker, tight end, and defensive tackle (okay, that's almost every position). Depending on how the picks go, Emery could go a number of different ways with talent available at all the listed need positions, although a lot of our dream second round picks could be long gone before Chicago is on the clock again. Let's take a look at some players remaining that could be Bears' targets in Rounds 2 and 3 to see if we can forecast which direction Phil Emery will go today. Hit the jump like McClellin's going to hit Rodgers; hard, fast, with a little extra something to remember you.

It is hard enough to project who Emery will select in the second round, and even harder to identify a specific player that will be available and targeted in the third. Even though most of us didn't see the McClellin pick coming, it was clear that the defensive end position was a top priority and would likely be addressed in the first round. So what are the Bears' other major needs they will look to fill today?

I say Emery goes, in some order, wide receiver/tight end and either defensive tackle or offensive line. If pass rusher was priority #1, then improving Cutler's blockers and receivers are tied for priority #1a. Depending on how the draft goes, however, Emery could opt for a talented defensive tackle, linebacker, or cornerback that falls. No sense in jumping the gun on a lower rated need position if the best player available still fills a need, even if it is less of a priority. Below is a list of twenty players I think could be second round considerations for the Bears; that way unless Emery trades down, at least someone from the list would be available. Players are sorted by position only, not total rankings. My top ten preferred players are bolded.

Second Round Targets

Stephen Hill WR
Alshon Jeffery WR
Rueben Randle WR
Nick Toon WR
Muhamed Sanu WR

Coby Fleener TE

Peter Konz C
Cordy Glenn OT/OG
Jonathan Martin T
Mike Adams T
Bobby Massie T

Trumaine Johnson CB
Janoris Jenkins CB

LaVonte David OLB
Courtney Upshaw OLB/DE
Zach Brown OLB

Brandon Thompson DT
Devon Still DT
Mike Martin DT

George Iloka FS

Second Round Outlook: The guys I think are definitely gone before the Bears pick are: Hill, Fleener, Martin, Konz, Glenn, and Jenkins. Hopefully we'll have good options left so that if Emery wants a WR we would still have good options with Jeffrey or Randle or some defensive help.

Projection: The safest way to guess what Emery is doing is by position, not player, so I'm leaning towards an offensive line pick or defensive tackle. If you twist my arm, though, I'd admit I would love a wide receiver at this spot. Twenty third round targets are listed below with my top ten players possibly available in bold.

Third Round Targets

Brian Quick WR
Marvin McNutt WR
Juron Criner WR

Kelechi Osemele G/T
James Brown T
Brandon Brooks G
Mike Brewster C
Donald Stephenson T
Amini Silatolu G
Zebrie Sanders T
Brandon Washington G

Ladarius Green TE
Dwayne Allen TE

Jayron Hosley CB
Josh Robinson CB
Casey Heyward CB
Brandon Boykin CB
Jamell Fleming CB

Jared Crick DT/DE

Sean Spence OLB

Third Round Outlook: This will obviously depend on what need position the Bears take in round two. There could be enough talented wide receivers, cornerbacks, and offensive lineman left to ensure that the Bears can fill a need with a guy they really like. This is a huge pick for Emery since Chicago could really use immediate production from their round three guy, enough if they have limited playing time.

Projection: The three positions I listed above (WR, CB, and O-line for the attention span-impaired) should be the main focus of Emery with a lot of talented players likely to be still around. I think this pick is an offensive lineman unless we go that route in round two. My best guesses would be Brewster or Stephenson if they're available. If O-line is addressed in round two, then I say wide receiver BPA which could include guys like Sanu and Toon.

My ideal situation tonight is a receiving talent for Cutler and an offensive lineman. The order isn't important to me since I believe there should be quality players available in both rounds when we pick. Who are your top ten guys you'd like to see picked in round two? Let me know your most desired picks below. Also, If I left someone off the list you think should be a target or someone that is on my list that shouldn't be, hit up the comments section and express yourself.