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The Bears Den: April 28, 2012, Draft Links Roundup Edition

...Where Spongie's schtick has just been stolen from him for a day.

Bears Trade Up, Roll Dice on Talented WR Alshon Jeffery in Second Round - Sun-Times - In a move reminiscent of trading up in last year's second to pick up Stephen Paea, the Bears traded a fifth and vaulted five spots in the second to take Alshon Jeffery. No word on who wanted that fifth-round pick in the first for the Bears to trade up.

Jeffery a Controversial Pick for Bears - Tribune - Pompei says both Jeffery and Brandon Hardin could both make Emery regret taking them. Dat new GM guy takes too many risks!

Bears Could Go In Many Directions on Day Three - Tribune - With three picks left, the Bears have a lot of flexibility. Those of you hoping for an offensive lineman, don't hold your breath.

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Shea McClellin disputes his concussion troubles - ESPNChicago - McClellin says he suffered not three, but one, concussion during his Boise State career, and not since he changed his helmet.

Shea McClellin Gets a Rush from Pressuring Passers - Sun-Times - When BSU played TCU, Gary Patterson always made sure he knew where McClellin lined up.

Bears Select Brandon Hardin In Third Round Even Though He Missed 2011 Season - Sun-Times - Emery said Hardin is "medically sound, ready for minicamp."

Bears Select South Carolina's Jeffery to Complete WR Overhaul - CSN Chicago - Last season, it was a glaring weakness. This morning, it's "potentially considered an emerging strength."

Hester Likes Pick; Ready To Be "Playmaker" - ESPNChicago - Hester might not see the field but as a #4 receiver, but "I'm going to be a playmaker."

McClellin Has Something To Prove - ChicagoBears.Com - McClellin says he's motivated by those who believe he won't excel in the NFL since he didn't always face top-level competition.

Day Two Winners And Losers - NFL.Com - Round two's trickle-down of talent led to some interesting results.

Friday NFL Draft Notebook - National Football Post - Matt Bowen shares his notes from Day Two.

Draft Grades Mean Nothing Until The Rookies Take The Field - National Football Post - Stop stealing our fun.

Best Players Still On Board - Fox Sports - Anybody you're interested in?