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With the 111th Pick, the Chicago Bears Select FB/TE Evan Rodriguez

The Bears selected fullback Evan Rodriguez of Temple in the fourth round with the 111th overall pick.

This is a pick that was pretty much unexpected, but it again drives home the point that Phil Emery is looking for versatile players, something which Rodriguez is.

CBS Sportsline lists him as a poor man's Aaron Hernandez, able to line up at tight end as well as in the H-Back/Fullback slot in the backfield. He's not a physical specimen, but as a pass-catcher, he has great hands, very good vision, and will make tough catches.

He's not a runner, and he's not an ideal blocker, but he looks like he'll be used as a receiving option to pair with Kellen Davis out at the tight end spot. What are your impressions of the pick?