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NFL Draft Day Three Wrap-Up: Prioritizing Depth and Special Teams

Evan Rodriguez at the combine.
Evan Rodriguez at the combine.

The Bears' third day of the draft went in a direction most of us probably didn't expect, but it fits what Phil Emery described as his plan - contributors early, developers late.

The fourth round saw the Bears take Evan Rodriguez, listed as a fullback on NFLN but will be able to play the tight end and fill the H-Back role receiving out of the backfield. He's a receiving specialist described as an Aaron Hernandez-lite; likes to block but has a hard time sustaining them - he also only has one career rush. He's got great hands, the ability to make a tough catch, runs solid routes and has good vision.

The sixth and seventh rounds saw a pair of defensive backs. Isaiah Frey comes out of Nevada as a somewhat raw prospect with size and very good ball skills, whereas Greg McCoy of TCU is a mite by comparison, a little faster and a primary kick returner. Neither Frey nor McCoy likely see much time on the field defensively thanks to the logjam of signings at corner, but McCoy could contribute immediately in the return game and Frey will get to sit and learn.

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I'm okay with the end of the draft here - you're not going to find anything groundbreaking, though some solid players did pass through. The Bears had their targets and they stuck to them. As far as offensive line, they just weren't sold on anybody as a viable option, and might look to improve the line internally first or play the secondary free agency market.

Quick note - there were 27 trades in this year's draft. Yeesh.