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The Bears Den: April 03, 2012


"...where the trickiest part is thinking of a daily tagline."

Best of the Firsts, No. 4: Walter Payton - Best ever player to be drafted at #4 overall.

Larry Mayer does his thing - Trivia: Which QBs have the Bears taken in the 1st round in the last 30 years?

What do All-Pro teams tell us about NFL Draft? - That it's an inexact science, at best.

Follow WCG on Twitter. What's the worst that could happen?

Ex-Bears LB Shaw re-signs with Titans - Former Bears fan favourite STer had visited Lions in free agency.

Flat cap through at least 2015 - Something to consider when planning to re-sign key players for big prices. "Re-sign" and "resign" have different meanings, people. Imagine my consternation when I read Izzy had "resigned"!

Cosell Talks: The Slot Factor - With the evolution of the NFL into more of a passing game, slot corners (with their three distinct skillsets) are becoming more important.

Duerson family launches safety program - Aims to help high & middle school athletes in his hometown of Muncie who suffer head injuries. news: Draft positional rankings - Mike Mayock updates his position-by-position rankings for the 2012 NFL Draft.

Ranking the cornerback class by tiers - Wes Bunting: "A deep class gives NFL teams plenty of options."

Know thy enemy 1 - The Lions need to upgrade OL and defensive backfield through the draft. Five prospects they could be considering in the 1st round. And, uh, might need to consider adding a running back after Mikel Leshoure tried to eat marijuana to avoid bust.

Know thy enemy 2 - Packers to seek to improve league-worst defense through the draft?

NFL Blog Network draft mock: NFC North - Bears adding OL help? KC Joyner suggests TE.

D.J. Moore to answer questions from fans - Submit your queries via email at the link.

Kevin Spacey is a very gifted mimic (the Al Pacino is even better than his Clint):