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Febearary Fever - Yogi vs Staley

<em>Vote for me or I will explode your head with my mind...</em>
Vote for me or I will explode your head with my mind...

I can't believe the Febearary Fever tournament is coming to a close. What started out as a fun way to pass some time in the quiet month of February, morphed into a battle of the Bear behemoths that has gone all 15 rounds. So here we are in the finals, and the lone bear with Chicago ties is still kicking, but his competition is a bear that seems to always come out on top in life. Today the Final Battle pits that picnic basket loving, carefree living, campground terrorizer, Yogi the Bear vs. the jolly mascot of your Chicago Bears, Staley.

So after a build up of John Cena vs. The Rock proportions, the final battle is set and only you can decide... Two Bears will enter, only one Bear will leave...