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Official WCG Mock Draft - Pick #25: Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos no longer have Tim Tebow, but they did pick up a fairly good free agent quarterback to ease the loss. I wonder if our mock drafter for the Broncos, j.katz, will go with some offense to help out the new QB or try and fortify their already solid defense...

And with the 25th pick in the WCG Mock Draft, the Denver Broncos select...

Michael Brockers, DT, LSU

j.katz: The winners of Free Agency's biggest prize in Peyton Manning, most might think John Elway would look to protect his investment by surrounding him with more playmakers. However, no one makes receivers look better than Peyton. While TE Coby Fleener might make sense here to open up the middle of the field and allow room for Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker and Eddie Royal to work with; the Broncos quietly brought in Jacob Tamme an old target from Peyton's Colts days.

The best way for Elway to look good in front of the fan base is to win. The Broncos last year ranked 22nd against the run and after losing both of their starting Defensive Tackles (Broderick Bunkley to the Saints and Marcus Thomas is still unsigned) they need to bulk up at the position. Brockers is a big boy and will clog up the lane and can split the Guard Center gap, attracting double teams and freeing Elvis Dumervil and Von Miller to wreak havoc on the edges. Coach Fox has a history of developing linemen with Julius Peppers, Charles Johnson. Look for the Broncos to look to shore up their defense before adding to Peyton's arsenal.

On the clock picking for the Houston Texans: dieseldc3

Pick Team Member Back-Up Player Pos. School
1 Colts crackedcactus
Andrew Luck QB Stanford
2 Redskins
Kev H Robert Griffin III QB Baylor
3 Vikings Swarley
Matt Kalil OT USC
4 Browns suckmyditka
Morris Claiborne CB LSU
5 Buccaneers gioduder
Trent Richardson RB Alabama
6 Rams boydvv54
Justin Blackmon WR Okla St
7 Jaguars T.Moore
Michael Floyd WR N.D.
8 Dolphins boondock_saint812
Ryan Tannehill QB Texas A&M
9 Panthers Suffering from Chicago
Quinton Coples DE N.C.
10 Bills Acreman20
Riley Reiff OT Iowa
11 Chiefs TheotherDane
Dontari Poe DT Memphis
12 Seahawks myronaiii David DeCastro OG
13 Cardinals Cutler6 Jonathan Martin
14 Cowboys frenchbears113 Dre Kirkpatrick
15 Eagles Badgers7 Mark Barron SS
16 Jets chitown-tony Melvin Ingram
S. Carolina
17 Bengals rdr3131 Janoris Jenkins
N. Alabama
18 Chargers tks24 Courtney Upshaw
19 Bears beefcurtains Luke Kuechly
20 Titans seanc909
Fletcher Cox
Miss. State
21 Bengals IOftenPanic
Cordy Glenn OG Georgia
22 Browns dabears85 Kendall Wright
23 Lions Champaign Cubbies George Iloka
Boise State
24 Steelers thepreacher Dont'a Hightower
25 Broncos j.katz Michael Brockers
26 Texans dieseldc3 boondock_saint812

27 Patriots oreo72910 frenchbears113

28 Packers CurtisEnisFan ThorCo

29 Ravens chiguy8506 Jason Akker

30 49ers BearNecessities TheotherDane

31 Patriots Geo4MVP Cutler6

32 Giants awfullyquiet BOBdaBEAR

If you're wondering the reasoning behind all the choices that our mock drafters have made so far, check out the WCG Mock Draft section to catch up.

And as a reminder to all our mock drafters, we'll email you when it's your pick. So if the email you have on file with SBNation isn't valid, or if you're taking too long to respond, we'll move to the back up drafter.