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The Bears Den: April 30, 2012


"...where Gonzo's a pimp."

Emery pleased with his first Bears draft - The Minister for Truth and Information speaks! Team adds 11 UDFAs.

Draft may be over, but Bears aren't done shaping roster - UDFAs and veteran free agents still to be had.

Bears improved via draft but hard to measure any gain on Pack - Moon Mullin assesses rivals' upgrades.

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Bears go out on a limb for Alshon Jeffery - Long limbs. 33-inch arms. Will hopefully fare better than other 2nd-round WRs in recent Bears history.

Emery leads his first NFL draft with Jerry Angelo's staff still mostly intact - Mulligan: Emery didn't change much of Angelo's staff when became GM. How can their draft results be much different either?

Emery matches speed and size to Bears' schemes Bowen: Players drafted are good fits with talent who should upgrade the team.

Can these five rookies play an impact role? - Bowen: Force the ball to come out. That’s why Phil Emery drafted a DE with 4.6 speed.

Bears could have a steal in Troy LT James Brown - Landed UDFA widely projected to be selected as high as the third round. Top UDFA list.

How has Phil Emery done in his first draft? (Round 1-3) - Greg Gabriel: Emery was a strength coach before he got into scouting and that background gives him an appreciation of athletic skills.

Temple tight end Evan Rodriguez can be a mismatch - Models himself after Aaron Hernandez.

Give Emery the benefit of the doubt for now - Seemed to go outside the box on almost every pick.

Mel Kiper Jr.'s draft grades: NFCN - Seifert likes our early picks more than The Hair does. Risky move.

Evaluating the Bears' draft grades - Moon Mullin looks a few early evaluations of the Bears' draft.

Jason Cole's jowly face isn't too impressed - "(McClellin is) too light to put at defensive end on a regular basis" ... and right there is why we think Yahoo Sports writers are rubbish.

Bears OK with neglecting offensive line in draft - GM believes playmaking abilities of players picked outweigh other needs. Well, at least he's added playmakers... Jerry just kept adding injured DL, crap LBs, and project DBs.

NFL draft: Off the clock and under review - Sam Farmer on each team's best and most puzzling move.

Tice will make special use of Hester's abilites - "Devin Package will be in place under OC Tice". Man-love? Shame Village People week is over...

...or is it?