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The Bears Den: April 04, 2012


"...where we confidently predict Peppers will have eleventy million sacks this season."

Bears to leave OL as is? - Moon Mullin on why the Bears are optimistic about their OL.

Urlacher wants to finish his career with the Bears - We all feel the same way, big man. Drew Brees could learn a thing or two about what it means to be the face and heart of the franchise.

Bears like the state of new jersey - GSH on sleeve returns to original size, harder to hold, orange jerseys won't be returning. Nothing about orange cleats for WRs, though. Glory for Peppers?

Follow WCG on Twitter. #nikeorangecleatsforbearswrs

Bears' braintrust gets eyeful at Notre Dame pro day - Will also be working out a low-round/UDFA prospect as backup for Urlacher. Floyd won't fall to #19.

Bears chairman feels better about kickoff rule change - Player safety triumphs, though Bears lose nearly 8 yards on average kickoff drive starting position.

Bears seeking offensive balance over time - With the addition of Bush, team looks to be more balanced than Detroit's and Green Bay's pass-happy offenses, or Adrian Peterson.

Nothing simple about RB negotiations - Brandt on Forte and Ray Rice: "Is their impressive workload and high production helping their drives for long-term contracts or, because of the subsequent wear and tear, hurting their causes?" Top 12 games to look forward to in 2012 - And the Bears make the list with the matchup against.....

Marvin McNutt and the red zone slant route - Matt Bowen on the Bears' defensive nemesis, the quick slant.

Wes Bunting's Mock Draft 6.0 - Has Bears taking a hotly-debated WR among WCGers.

Mock Drafts ( & - Have us taking a different WR or a DE. Draft deep at corner, wideout; depth lacking at tight end, safety - Pans out quite well for Bears' needs, assuming Kellen Davis is all that (and Webb is a better starting LT than anyone we might have picked up at #19).

Know thy enemy - Demetrius Bell to visit Packers this week

Laugh at thy enemy - Nick Fairley the third Lion from draft class of 2010 busted for dope. JT Thomas needs to step it up if he's to keep pace.

Trailer Trash Tracys - "You Wish You Were Red"