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WCG Pre Draft Interview with UConn WR Kashif Moore

We're trying to cover all our pre-draft bases here at Windy City Gridiron, so we're bringing you some insight from a few NFL hopefuls. Yesterday we had Penn State linebacker Nathan Stupar in for a chat, and today we're bringing you Kashif Moore, a 5'9" 180 pound wide receiver from the Connecticut Huskies. Moore is a prospect that turned a few heads at the NFL Combine. Based off his tape, the scouts thought he was a very good possession receiver that didn't have the speed to get deep. But his combine numbers told a different story.

The combine is a tool for scouts to use, nothing more nothing less. Some teams put way too much stock in the event, while most take the athletes performances in consideration while they take a look back at the film. With a player like Moore, who had an inexperienced QB leading the offense at UConn, the combine is a way to get a better look at him and to have him perform under the same set of circumstances with his peers. Moore made the best of his opportunity.

Moore is a smaller wide out, but his 19 bench press reps was 6th best in his position group and equaled that of 1st round tackle prospect Mike Adams of Ohio State. There were only 5 better WR 40 times posted quicker than his 4.42, his 20 yard shuttle was 4th best, his 3 cone drill was 5th best, his broad jump 4th best, and his vertical jump of 43.5 inches was the best overall jump at the combine. From ESPN's Todd McShay:

He had some problems tracking and adjusting to the deeper throws, but Moore he caught the ball well overall and flashed the ability to pluck it away from his frame. He was a late-round prospect heading into this week, but with this performance Moore will send scouts back to the tape to see if his testing matches his on-field performance.

Here's our Q&A with Kashif Moore

Windy City Gridiron - What teams do you feel showed you the most interest at the Combine?

Kashif Moore - At the combine I met with about twenty or so teams, so it's hard to say who showed the most interest.

WCG - Which performance do you feel was your best at the combine, and which were you disappointed in?

KM - I feel like my vertical jump of 43.5 was my best performance and showed my explosion. I was disappointed in getting 19 reps on the bench instead of 20 which was my target number.

WCG - Where do you think you'll be drafted?

KN - I think after my pro day and combine I boosted my stock to a mid to late round draft pick.

WCG - After your impressive combine performance, do you feel like you'll stand on those numbers at your pro day or will you do everything again?

KM - After my impressive combine performance, I stood on those numbers.

WCG - Did you meet with the Chicago Bears people at the combine, and if so how did that meeting go?

KM - Yes, I met with Chicago and the meeting went very well.

WCG - Is there a wide out that you've tried to pattern your game after?

KM - There would have to be more than one wide out I pattern my game after. I watch a lot of film on Wes Welker because of how quick he gets in and out of his routes. Steve Smith because of how he can dominate on the outside as well. Victor Cruz and Antonio Bryant as they are all smaller type wide receivers with big play ability.

Thanks to Kashif for taking the time to answer our questions.