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Supply, Demand, the Draft and the Offensive Line

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The Bears need their offensive line to improve - whether that's through adding players or through the current players improving remains to be seen. It'd be easy to take care of this pressing need if the Bears were the only team that needed linemen... But, well, they aren't.

CBS is doing their look at the supply of players compared to the teams that need them, and since they're starting off with the offensive tackles, it's probably as good a place to continue the discussion of offensive linemen as any.

According to them, they've got 17 teams as needing an offensive tackle... compared to only eight tackles listed as impact players - early contributors taken in the first three rounds.

• 1st round: Matt Kalil, Riley Reiff, Jonathan Martin, Cordy Glenn
• 2nd round: Mike Adams, Zebrie Sanders
• 3rd round: Bobbie Mas sie, Mitchell Schwartz

Now, compare that to the list of teams that could be looking for immediate tackle help. I'll dispense with the copy/paste here...

Atlanta, Arizona, Baltimore, Buffalo, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Minnesota, Miami, New York Giants, New York Jets, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Washington.

Just a little bit of competition there. So it's possible teams just start reaching for players because the players for that position are so scarce - happens all the time.

So if the Bears were hell-bent on taking an offensive tackle in the first round because they need to improve the position, would you be fine with taking Mike Adams in the first? It's a distinct possibility that would have to happen for the Bears to get a tackle.