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Q&A about Brandon Hardin with WCG on "Building The Dam"

Buildingthedam_mediumOur friends over at the Oregon State Beavers SBNation site, Building The Dam, were gracious enough to answer a few of our questions about new Chicago Bears strong safety Brandon Hardin. Click the following link if you haven't seen our Five Questions With them yet.

They also had a few questions about their former Beaver corner back and how he may best fit in with the Chicago Bears, so we returned the favor and gave them our insight on his future as a Bear.

Here's their first question they posed to us about Hardin;

What is Chicago most looking for from Brandon Hardin? A starter at safety? A role player? A major special teams player that can also be a contributor in the secondary?

To see our response to that question and to read the full interview that we did with Building The Dam, click this link.