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Flying Under The Radar: Nick Roach

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Continuing our look at members of the Bears team that don't always make the headlines. This week: linebacker Nick Roach

Roach went unselected in the 2007 NFL draft, but was eventually snapped up by the San Diego Chargers as an undrafted free agent, who then decided to cut him anyway.

Enter the Chicago Bears who saw something in Roach that the Chargers obviously didn't. He played three games of the 2007 campaign, but since then has seen his playing time increase dramatically.

His best season in terms of tackles was back in 2009 where he finished up with 75, although this was the year where Urlacher was out, so the Bears obviously looked to Roach to contribute more than usual.

He may be viewed as a little small for his position, but he makes up for it with good athleticism. He has good instincts, and reacts quickly as the play unfolds.

He has been in the league for just 5 years after playing his college football at Northwestern. In his senior year he was named Academic All-Big Ten, even though the year was marred by Roach breaking his leg.

With Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs being so dominant at the linebacker position, Roach's role has always seemed a complimentary one. The Bears have several linebackers on their roster, including free agent signing Geno Hayes that will be looking to compete with Roach for more playing time.

So does Nick Roach remain a big part of the defense or do we see his role diminishing this coming season?

In the meantime, here's a video of Nick Roach demonstrating how to blitz the running back: