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The Bears Den: May 15, 2012


"...where 'Ditka' is not only a word, it's THE word."

Marshall likely to be cleared of assault - Issue could be resolved by the end of this week as NYPD wraps up its investigation.

Bears may move Chris Williams back to OT - Brad Biggs: Appears club has no alternative to have a third option.

Peter King's MMQB - Bears could field one of the tallest set of receivers ever to take the field, and that's without taking the 6'10" UDFA TE into account.

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Cutler: Thumb fine after offseason surgery - Can't wait to lead a significantly upgraded Bears offense.

Forte’s contract situation doesn’t worry Cutler - Expects Forte to rejoin the team by Week 1.

OL does worry Cutler - Says switching from Martz's complex offense to a different system under Tice should alleviate pressure on the line, but "it's not a cure-all by any means."

Cutler: I signed up to play football, I understand the risks - Says concussions are a concern, but they're a concern that he decided he could accept.

Cutler allowed to audible again - "F*** you" to mean "Hi Mike! Hope you're enjoying your retirement. I certainly am. Love, Jay."

[Video] Cutler talks offseason workouts, diabetes awareness - Lookin' good. Where's Allie?

Bates-Cutler reunion doesn't guarantee good things for Bears - Moon Mullin: Bates needs to coach Cutler better than he did for the three years they spent together in Denver.

Jeffery is the whole package - Kip Lewis breaks down this past weekend's rookie mini-camp.

Army's Villanueva chasing NFL dream - Tight end is 6'10", but that's not the only reason he stood out at the Bears rookie minicamp. Incidentally, that's exactly two feet taller than the tallest midget.

Ranking divisions by QBs - NFCN comes in second.

[Video] Bears' Offense Undergoing Changes - Mark Schlereth explains how the Bears will try to improve on a struggling OL. Someone tell me what he comes up with; I can't play the clip because I'm in the UK.

Idonije could lose starting job, still a starting-caliber player - “He’s pretty good in the run game and as a pass rusher. … He’s just not explosive from the outside.”

Esiason: Bears would appeal to Cowher - Also questions if Bears, Tice will embrace pass-heavy offense.

Bears clearly thinking bigger - Moon Mullin: Emery labeled the NFL a big-man's game, Bears are following suit.

Home field advantage rankings - Bears among teams that do the best job of handling their business at home.

Know thy enemy - Last year, the Lions drafted some pretty stupid rookies. This year, the Lions drafted some more.

Via ChicagoBears on Facebook - "Does this make anyone else want to quit playing Words With Friends?"

Kim Deal could read the phonebook and it would still sound good.