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An open letter to J'Marcus Webb

Dear J'Marcus Webb,

I hope this letter finds you healthy and ready for your first off season as the starting left tackle for the Chicago Bears. With last years lockout stealing valuable reps and prep time from you, I know you're raring to get after it and show the coaches that they were right in handing you the job after being one of the worst starting right tackles in the NFL as a 7th round rookie in 2010. Your natural size, length, quickness, and strength are prototypical for the left tackle position in the NFL, but your performance at the position in 2011 left a lot to be desired.

I know being rid of the Martzfense will be a boon to your career, as he regularly left you on an island with no chip help against speedy edge rushers, and the deep drops Mike Martz preferred made it difficult to maintain your technique and leverage throughout an entire pass play. But there's a new playcaller in town, and he ensures everyone that those days are over.

But I''d be remiss if I didn't mention what concerns me and some other Bears fans. Now maybe I'm reading into this all wrong, but from following your Twitter page and checking out your Facebook page, I'm just not seeing the level of seriousness and dedication that someone in your position should have. You were arguably the worst starting left tackle in the NFL last season, yet you have a nickname for those that follow your social networking sites. JWebb Nation. #SMH

I get that you're a fun loving (single) guy and you're trying to enjoy life. But for crying out loud, Chicago fans want a bad ass protecting Jay Cutler and opening holes for Matt Forte. Chicago fans want attitudes from their offensive linemen like Olin Kreutz, James "Big Cat" Williams, and Keith Van Horne. Not someone that tweets about how they "miss CG's Tacos!!!!", and asks, "What is your favorite meal?"... I would like your favorite meal to be Jarred Allen. I would love it if you wanted to to chew his ass up and spit him out. Then I want you to scoop up the regurgitated Jarred Allen and snack on him again. That's the kind of hunger I want to see.

You do put out the occasional tweet that looks good; "Time for football! Time for clarity. Time for competition. Time for work." and "I'm doing 300 situps before I go to bed every night! 200 push ups! Yoga for 20 minutes!", "I'm studying my playbook tonight!" and "Just wait til those pads come on and I can hit someone! I feel sorry for who ever should line up against me!". But those are mixed in with gems like these;

"Whose the ugliest lineman on our team? Lol!"
"I love Goose Island Brewery!"
"My teammates ask me about my post and I just play dumb! "What? I didn't write that!". Whose dumb?"

"I'll show you what's in my fridge! What's in yours? Post the pictures!"
"I've got a chipmunk in my apt. Gotta get rid of the thing soon before it builds a home!"
"I love hanging out and doing nothing."

And then there's the random shout-outs to your nation... "JWEBB NATION", "JWebb Nation!!!!!!!", "Good afternoon, JWEBB NATION!", and the unbelievable, "Rise and shine, Webbies!!!!!!", I can't believe you have a nick name for the nick name. #SMH

And you're young, single, and a pro athlete in one of the greatest cities in the world so I get these tweets; "I love beautiful WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bear Down!!", "So busy with so much! Practice! Practice! I don't have much time for dating the women I'd like to date.", "Football! Football! It comes with too many women!", "Latinas! Sistas! Where ya at!", "Brunettes", "Blondes!". I suppose kudos are in order for being an equal opportunity ladies man, but you have to see how some could question your focus?

In my opinion it just seems like you're distracted, and this really isn't the time for being unfocused. The Bears didn't draft an offensive tackle, but they did sign a highly touted rookie free agent in James Brown. And in the rookie mini-camp the coaches had him lining up at left tackle. The coaches have also expressed that they plan on having former #1 draft pick Chris Williams back in the left tackle mix. And more recently, your quarterback shared some concerns about you and your line mates when he remarked, "if J'Marcus pans out". If? That would fire me up if I were in your shoes...

I truly believe football is won and lost in the trenches. The Bears need you to fulfill your potential, not the potential of 'he's doing good for a 7th rounder', but the potential of a NFL starting left tackle. I hope you come out and bust your ass and prove all the doubters wrong. I hope you use the negativity as fuel to show everyone the type of player you should be. This year there will be no excuses.

I wish you good luck in the 2012 season. Bear Down.


Lester A. Wiltfong Jr.