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The Bears Den: May 16, 2012


"...where making fun of Larry Mayer is a way of life."

Bears sign Brandon Hardin - Final rookie of draft class to be signed.

Larry Mayer's Chalk Talk: What is Carimi's status? - "I tell you now, our opponents are drinking poison rather than facing our blockers."

Peter King's TMQB - Jacob Bell's retirement, reader mailbag.

Follow WCG on Twitter. And a bunny wiill crap in Robert Rence's yard. Do eeet!

Less is more for Hester - May be just as productive offensively in a handful of snaps, keeping him fresh for the return game.

Marshall confident Hester will keep his job over Jeffery - If he can do that with ~15 snaps per game, that'll have been one huge disappointment for a 2nd-round pick.

Marshall not concerned about OL - Moon Mullin doesn't think Cutler is, either. I think Mullin's been brainzapped by Larry Mayer.

Cutler seems a teeny-weeny bit concerned - JC recently broke from the company line, something that ESPN NFCN blogger Kevin Seifert found refreshing [Video]. As Silvy from Waddle & Silvy pointed out, it sounds rather like what the Bears claimed about the WR position for many years: "These guys will be just fine"...

Offseason film study guide for rookie DBs - Matt Bowen: Some keys to look for when you turn on the tape.

[Video] Cover 2 defense vs. Flat-7 route - Matt Bowen goes X&O-happy.

Is the new CBA good for young players? - Greg Gabriel points out a major limitation for the development of younger players. Well, besides forcing top rookies to go to meaningless publicity events instead of honing their craft. Top Rookie Seasons - For the Bears, it's riiiii-diculous...

Bears rookie minicamp photogallery - Imagine if they didn't have helmets, either. Those gloves would still be more protection than I wore for a dozen seasons of rugby, and I'm perfectly 4etwp[@@@@@

Which defense has the 'Tenacious D' of nicknames? - i.e. Is fronted by an unfunny fat fellow who makes me turn off whenever I see him? Well if you put it like that, thankfully it's not the Bears.

Don Banks' early predictions for the 2012 season - Could one offseason push the Bills to the playoffs?

Ricky Williams doesn't understand believe link between concussion and the game - "Ten years from now, I might be walking down the street scratching my head and yelling profanities, but right now I feel fine," Ricky, love, you seem to have received the memo but completely missed the point. No, I said point.

Know thy enemy - Packers counting on Perry for pass rush. We'll be facing him at least twice a season.

Know thy enemy - Kalil good fit for offensive line, Minnesota. Will be drinking poison rather than facing our OL.

A sobering look at the history of the QB position in Miami - They only have two HOF QBs? My heart, it doth bleed for thee.

More of Kim Deal's dulcet tones.