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Brandon Marshall Discusses Jay Cutler's Growth


Brandon Marshall has been busy this offseason. In between being nothing short of generous with his praise and boundless, ECD-level optimism, being outspoken about mental disorders (writing an excellent editorial in the Sun-Times) and his incident regarding something about a nightclub, his short tenure as a member of the Bears has been filled with rejuvenated enthusiasm and lots of action. Or maybe he just really wanted out of Miami that badly.

But he did find time to talk to reporters about Jay Cutler's leadership.

Marshall told reporters today that he's been blown away by how much Cutler has grown as a leader since the two were last teammates in 2008.

"He's amazing," Marshall said. "We all know the type of arm Jay has, but I've been away from Jay for three years and the biggest change I see in Jay is his leadership. How he's teaching guys and how he's leading us and inspiring us day in and day out. Man, we can't ask for a better leader, better captain, and I'm excited to really see what we do as an offense because of him. We all know what he can do physically, but where he's at in the mental part of the game is a sight to see."

Frankly, I can't wait for the day when we aren't dissecting Jay Cutler and his leadership, even when it hasn't been dissected in months. And of course you wouldn't expect a player to say he doesn't think his quarterback is a leader. But this is a guy who hasn't played with this quarterback for the last three seasons giving his impressions on the growth Cutler's made - and coming from Denver to Chicago, it's a growth that's come through significant pressure.

Have you guys noticed the same growth in Jay Cutler that Marshall points out over the last three years? Give your impressions, as a player, as a social persona, whichever.