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The Bears Den: May 18, 2012

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"...where man is 5, Cutler the debbil is 6, god is 7, and Walter is forever #34."

Larry Mayer's Chalk Talk - Who has excelled in offseason workouts? Is Wootton is facing a make or break season? Is Cliff Stein a Terminator?

ProFootballFocus: 2011's Best CB Performances - Peanut Tillman did what pre-Michael Bay Optimus Prime never could: shut down Megatron.

USAToday's ever-thorough team report - Go read it. We'll wait.

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NFC North offseason report cards - "Based on roster man(o)euvers, coaching changes and current events." What impact will the NATO summit have on the Bears' grade?

Bears 'begin process' with TE Rodriguez - Showed some potential at rookie minicamp but also struggled to catch the ball at times.

[Video] Bowen's take on Bears rookie minicamp - Likes the athleticism of the top three picks, uses tough love on OL: "Earn your paycheque. They're not little kids. Do your jobs, protect your QB."

Evaluating the Bears’ OL? Look a little deeper - Moon Mullin points out different sacks/pass attempt ratios as evidence that OL wasn't as bad as advertised. That ignores the fact that Jay took matters into his own hands, or feet (after taking 11 sacks in the first two games). Anyone feel like breaking down Cutler's S/PA ratio before and after he decided to ignore Martz' instructions to stay in a collapsing pocket and wait for WRs who couldn't get open?

Brad Biggs: Other RBs seem to be setting price for Forte - Recent signings, including LeSean McCoy on Thursday, seem to establish his value at roughly $20 million guaranteed in long-term deal.

Jim Miller: Framework for Forte deal - Looking at north of $20 million minimum in guaranteed money if a new five-year contract is agreed upon.

Moon Mullin: McCoy deal doesn’t matter in Forte talks - "His bargaining position is simply not as good as McCoy’s, and position/leverage is everything."

No charges will be filed in Marshall nightclub incident - WR expects no disciplinary action from the NFL. I'd actually forgotten about this, it was such a non-concern.

Photos - Chicago Bears Care Gala - Urlacher being more careful about hand placement. Perhaps Marinelli's coaching is helping.

Given a chance with Bears, Blanchard didn’t blink - Local boy and lifelong Bears fan made the most of his recent rookie minicamp. Dan LeFevour, eat your heart out.

Hall-of-Famers Darrell Green, Thurman Thomas hono(u)red - Green: "Kids who play full-contact football in helmets and pads at a young age are learning poor tackling techniques that follow them the rest of their careers." Quite right, I never tackled with a helmet on and I'm perfectly '3q=i3-3qtfv

Have you seen The Avengers Assemble yet? Day-um, that Smudgers is good.

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