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WCG 101: Glossary of Commonly Used Terminology


The smell of football is in the air. The signing of free agents and draft selections always bring new usernames to our little slice of Chicago Bears heaven. And while some have been lurking for a while, others pop in and get their yahoo on right away. So, I thought I'd give an introductory course, educate the newbie masses if you will, on some commonly used terminology around these here parts.

And while some of these phrases may be standard internet slang, I thought I'd throw them out there anyways. Whether you're looking to brush up on your WCG-speak, or just want to take a walk down memory lane, jump with me to check out the glossary that I've come up with. Enjoy.

Apply Directly to Forehead
Originating from the HeadOn television commercials, ADtF is a standard reply to a comment, or series of comments, that gets continuously repeated on the boards.

Ban Hammer
More powerful than Thor's hammer, and wielded by a Ben Affleck clone, the ban hammer is a quick and painless death to a user's membership with WCG.

Confuserize / Confuzzled
The typical feeling one gets when reading a ThorCo comment.

Carry My Bags, Rook!
A newbie-hazing phrase made WCG-famous by long-time member TempChad.

Otherwise known as 'Daniel Manning Syndrome', DMS is a common ailment found in athletes under the Lovie Smith regime who have continuously been involved in a positional game of musical chairs. Some side effects include nauseating on-field play, loss of job, and erectile dysfunction.

The nickname of ex-Chicago Bear Defensive Back turned Wide Receiver [see DMS], Rashied Davis.

What happens when you've had a visit from the Ban Hammer.

To have a post "rec’d" at least three times by other sbnation users, turning the comment green and making it stand out among the other comments | I engreeninated the hell out of that zombie cranberry post this morning.

Good Jorb
Dane's Canadian-Cajun way of telling others "job well-done"

Fish Flops
A pictorial reply to a comment that makes little-to-no sense.

An acronym for "Oh no, not this sh*t again!" created by Schweickert, as a reply against topics that repetitively cycle their way through WCG. Some examples include: Lovie Smith's Demeanor, Megatron's Non-Catch, Jay Cutler's Diabeetus Night Vision, and the Curious Case of the Aging Defense.

Rabble Rabble [also known as Wharrgarbl]
The muddled and incoherent sounds of the meatball war chant. Often times, valid concerns and opinions will be confused with meatballistic war chanting... this is know as reverse-rabblism, and should be addressed immediately before it spreads.

To show recognition for the like of an article, photo or comment by clicking the "rec" button under "actions". Side note: to some people's dismay, simply typing "rec'd" does not actually perform the function for you.

Stephanie from Wisconsin
Featured in a 2009 Hydroxycut commercial, this Sconnie, WI native (riiiigggghhht) became somewhat legendary around WCG. | Hi. I'm Stephanie from Wisconsin. I lost 30 pounds with Hydroxycut, which brought my current weight to 340.

Owned and operated(?) by WCG user, Maelvampyre, Wanda is the Chicago Bears' biggest inflatable fan. At the timing of this post Wanda has been commented on 264 times and been featured in two fan posts and in 19 front page mentions. | My inflatable doll is going to need a vulcanizing patch if we lose this game (The actual comment that bred life into the now-iconic rubberized ladyfriend that we've all come to know and love!)

When you or your comments have been weighed, have been measured, and have been found wanting.

Welp folks, that does it. Hit the comments section up with any others that you've seen floating around the boards that I may have left off. And keep an eye out for the possibility of more WCG 101 posts popping up in the near future.

And if you really are a new member reading this, be sure to check out WCG's community guidelines.