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Kyle Adams Undertaking Charitable Endeavor in Haiti

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Next month, Kyle Adams will be heading down to Haiti once the Bears' offseason program ends.

Adams will spend a week in Haiti helping to build a security fence as part of the construction of an orphanage in the poverty-stricken country. The 24-year-old Texas native will also conduct sports camps, share the gospel with local children and bring food and clothing to other orphanages.

Adams is part of the Ephraim Orphan Project.

According to its website, the Ephraim Orphan Project understands that the cycles of poverty in Haiti will not be overcome without advancing the skills and education of Haitian youths and is committed to helping orphans achieve university degrees or technical skills that advance themselves and their communities.

A stand-up guy, and best of luck to him both in Haiti as well as his chances to hold a roster spot in camp.