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The Bears Den: May 21, 2012


"...where nobody else from the world of popular music is allowed to die until we're all caught up."

2011's Injured players expected to bounce back big - On the list: a certain Bear Jew.

Peter King's MMQB - This is interesting: Urlacher's agent didn't trust #54's wife-to-be and wanted his rookie contract done early to protect his signing bonus. Somewhere, Antonio Cromartie wishes he had an agent like that.

Signs point to Jennings being starter at CB - By "signs" they mean "$$$".

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Briggs has no concerns about Brandon Marshall - JC was confident Marshall would be cleared over nightclub incident. RB debate: McCoy, Foster, Rice, or Forte? - Analysts debate which they would pick to start a team.

Ranking Lovie's salary among coaches - All those Superbowls we've won under Lovie are well worth the top-5 pay among NFL coaches.

[Video] Breaking down Marshall - Cris Carter discusses Bears WR Brandon Marshall's best attributes. Shockingly, "can pull off a waistcoat" isn't one of them.

Bears appear to have leverage in money battle with Forte - Dan Pompei's excellent analysis on why Bears don't value him comparably to other top backs. Three possible outcomes.

Is Forte worth as much as LeSean McCoy? - NFP on the Bears' and Eagles' differing approaches to a similar problem.

Mum is the word from Forte - Bears RB won't talk money, but he does like Tice's offense, praises Bears OL.

[Video] Brandon Marshall's Journey - Discusses incident outside a New York nightclub, friendship with Cris Carter, writing a piece for the Chicago Sun-Times after the Junior Seau tragedy, being reunited with Jay Cutler and more. Thinks Bears have a chance to win it all.

NFP Sunday Blitz - "Shorter quarterbacks have to compensate for their lack of height in other areas." How about a Sex Cannon? BOOMshackalak.....

What's the real value of 'OTAs' in the NFL? - Matt Bowen explains how workouts impact the regular season.

Is there some value left with Plaixco Burress? - Isn't it nice not to have to have the annual "Bring in Burress/Moss/Edwards/Matt Jones" movement?

Rams aim for the NFL’s all-time sack record - JWebb looked to be heading that way, too. Bazinga!

Old Spice Devin Hester Football Camp - Know a youngster who would be interested? Open to boys and girls ages 7-14, June 29th-30th.

Broncos LT Ryan Clady appears to be regressing - Did Cutler's mobility make his former LT's early career? Did Orton expose him?

Know thy enemy: 2012 NFL Draft Winners: Minnesota Vikings - Some hack by the name of Lester A. Wiltfong, Jr. thinks "they had a hell of a 2012 NFL Draft". Huh, what does he know? Added former Bears DE Nick Reed.

Know thy enemy - Jim Schwartz confident in Lions’ young CBs. We'll see what Cutler, Marshall, and Jeffrey make of them...

Donna Summer died on Friday, aged 63.