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The Bears Den: May 22, 2012

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"...where we think any fan haircut for a team other than the Bears looks stupid."

Cutler's OL comments blown out of proportion - Jim Miller: QB never said anything malicious about the much-maligned group. McClellin responds to fan questions - Q: Are you going to come up with a sack dance or do you have one already? A: “I think I’ve got to earn the right to do that.”

Bears to begin OTA workouts Tuesday - Bears enter the third and final phase of voluntary offseason program this week.

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How much Bears 'need' Forte overhangs possible contract talks - Moon Mullin: How much more Bears will offer at a time when they have upgraded factors elsewhere in the offense is very problematic.

Bears might have to pay for Forte’s silence - Mark Potash: It might be more prudent to pay Forte more than Emery would like to avoid a holdout/distraction that could possibly derail a critical season. Have ample cap space to sign him. fan haircuts - WARNING: There's a cheesehead in there somewhere. Who is the most indispensable player in the NFL today? - Most of the plaudits go to a QB who's going to gut the team that he's a leader of with his contract demands. Jason Smith gives JC some love.

Mandatory padding? A tough sell for skill players - Matt Bowen: DBs and WRs are all about speed when it comes to gear.

President throws a ball at Soldier Field - The avid Bears fan tossed a football around at Soldier Field Sunday night after a working dinner with visiting NATO dignitaries. "F*** it, I'm going deep!" he might have said.

ProFootballFocus: 2011's Best 4-3 OLB Performances - Briggs tops Run Defense games by 4-3 OLBs (scroll down the page). Bit surprising that Urlacher didn't feature in the Inside Linebackers list.

Football Outsiders: 2011 Special Teams Tackles - DeCicco, Corey Graham, former fan favourite Tim Shaw all make the lists.

Will Newton avoid a 'sophomore slump' in 2012? - Bowen: Why the QB has to develop his skill set this offseason. Hopefully not by week 8.

Know thy enemy: Around the NFC North - Moon Mullin: Avril trusting Lions, Vikings sign Levi Horn.

Know thy enemy - Lions banned receiver Titus Young from their facility Monday after he sucker-punched their sole good DB, safety Louis Delmas. All part of a sterling year from 2011 draft class.

Know thy enemy - Injured trio Jahvid Best, Ryan Broyles, Mikel Leshoure all take part in Lions OTAs.

Know thy enemy - Matthew Stafford and his girlfriend made a family's night. Respect is due and freely given. Griese, Hutchinson, Woodson, Mike Tirico also helped with fundraising.

Garrett Wolfe to play for CFL's Alouettes - Just the kind of career path and impact on your franchise that you want from a 3rd round pick. Thanks, Jerry.

Former Bear Chris Harris selling home in Gurnee - Probably tweeting about it, too. I don't care. vote: Brian Urlacher vs Justin Tuck - Go vote!

Robin Gibb died on Sunday, aged 62.