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The Bears Den: May 23, 2012

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"...where it's all right, it's ok, you can look the other way."

First OTA workout held at Halas Hall - Capped a two-hour practice with spirited 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 non-contact drills.

Urlacher pleased with progress rehabbing knee - Sitting out voluntary practices but says he's on track to be ready for training camp. [Video] at Dez Clark bowling event.

NFL owners extend trade deadline and pass rule for more padding - Players' union not pleased with addition of more mandatory protection for players. Not everyone will have to adjust.

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Coaches 'picking on' Shea McClellin – and he likes it - Working one-on-one with coordinator Rod Marinelli.

Marshall in awe of former Broncos’ reunion - Thinks he, Cutler and Jeremy Bates are all entering their primes.

Will new pads slow players down & trim injuries? - Moon Mullin makes an interesting point about how pads may reduce injuries, and it's not by cushioning blows.

Peter King TMQB - Schiano emphasizes control of Bucs by trading Winslow; readers' mailbag.

Larry Mayer's Chalk Talk - Q. What will Idonije's role be? A. To keep DaHamsta happy.

A quick playbook session on the NFL 'boot' game - Matt Bowen breaks down one of Shanahan's key plays from the Denver playbook, one that Tice may wish to emulate for Cutler.

Under Pressure: Jake Long must prove he fits in - Not an ideal fit for Miami's transition away from a power-blocking scheme, entering the final year of his contract. "Jake Long to the Bears" fanposts to begin in 3, 2, 1...

How do Eagles plan to cut LeSean McCoy’s workload? - Easy, do what the Bears did and sign a nigh-starter-quality backup.

[Video] How many wins for the Bears in 2012? - A. Eleventy million.

[Video] Is it playoffs-or-else for Lovie? - A. No, because if we don't get there it won't have been one playoff appearance in 6 seasons, it'll have been one in 2010 and the other five years don't count.

Know thy enemy - Detroit Lions not satisfied with breakthrough 2011 campaign. Apparently: part of the reason for the success has been filling the locker room with solid "character guys." So, without any further ado, it is my great pleasure to present...

Know thy enemy's solid character guys 1 - Lions' Mikel Leshoure says he’s learned his lesson after marijuana arrests. Will eat it a lot quicker next time he gets pulled over.

Know thy enemy's solid character guys 2 - Lions put out word that Titus Young is not suspended.,, or, rather, not "suspended".

Know thy enemy's solid character guys 3 - Suh seems the least of Lions' problems, and that's after being ejected for stomping an opponent, running off and leaving his passengers after crashing a car, and throwing fireballs at opposing QBs.

No tasteless jokes about Barry being the Last Bee Gee standing!