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Poll: Do the Chicago Bears need Matt Forte to win a Super Bowl?

Oh look Matt Forte <em><strong>can</strong></em> score touchdowns.
Oh look Matt Forte can score touchdowns.

Here's a quick list for you to ponder; Ahmad Bradshaw, James Starks, Pierre Thomas, Willie Parker, Dominic Rhodes, Corey Dillon, Antowain Smith, and Michael Pittman. Those were the leading rushers for the last 10 Super Bowl winning teams. Bradshaw and Parker each lead their teams in rushing yards in two Super Bowls. The reason I'm bringing this list to light is to show the trend of the type of running back that is picking up championship rings. Between those eight players they share six Pro Bowl appearances, Parker was a 2 time Pro Bowler and Dillon played in 4.

Where would you rank Matt Forte on that list?

I'd take Matt Forte over any of those backs. Dillon had a few better rushing seasons, but Forte is more active in the passing game, and when it's all said and done I think Forte will add to his lone Pro Bowl nod. Parker had much better breakaway speed, but he had durability issues. So if all those other running backs were good enough for their teams to win the Super Bowl...

The one thing you can't argue in the 'should the Bears pay Forte' debate is his talent. He's a well rounded back that can be equally effective on 1st and 10 as he is on 3rd and long. The only knock on him is his short yardage ability, but I think even that's a bit overrated. He's shown the ability to break tackles, and he's not a soft runner by any means.

So to finally get back to the original question... Do the Chicago Bears need Matt Forte to win a Super Bowl? I don't think they do, but more importantly, I think, they think, they don't need him to win a Super Bowl. It's been said ad nauseum that the NFL is a passing league, and the Bears believe Jay Cutler is The Franchise player that will take them to the promised land. They also believe the additions to the offense (Brandon Marshall, Michael Bush, Jason Campbell, Alshon Jeffery, and the tight ends relevancy) will be enough to close the talent gap between them and the upper echelon of NFL teams.

I know we've been very Matt Forte heavy around here lately, but it's time for you to take the poll and let us know what you think...