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To Fanpost or not to Fanpost...

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... that is the question. And the answer is a resounding, Yes. Windy City Gridiron has a very active membership, and the comment threads are always a good read. Many times it's the comments that generate even more discussion on a particular WCG article, and often times the thought provoking comments are from members that never write Fanposts. Some of the comments are so lengthy and detailed they could be stand alone posts. If you've ever wondered if you should write one, we say stop wondering and Do It. Do It Now.

Some quick points for the new Fanposter;

We do have a set of community guidelines for you to peruse.

Not everyone will agree with everything you write, so don't take it personal.

Paragraph breaks and the use of spell check are encouraged.

And something else to keep in mind, the well done Fanpost could receive the always prestigious Front Page Bump. Then you could brag to all your friends that your piece of work, your Fanpost, has adorned the top of Windy City Gridiron.

We realize that without you, the WCG Members, we wouldn't be the best Damn Chicago Bears site on the planet. Thanks for reading and Bear Down.