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The Bears Den: May 24, 2012


"...where we know the difference between homophobic and homophonic."

Bears add ex-Jaguar to DT mix - Sign Nate Collins to a one-year contract.

Chris Williams is back at left tackle - No word on if he plans to have a "nation" and to sell shoddy t-shirts to its members. Highlights OL shuffling.

Biggs: Observations from Bears OTAs - Why is Brad Biggs the best? He mentions Pat Mannelly. No other beat reporters did.

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Bears' offensive improvement is already visible - Even thought OTAs have just began, the Bears' offense already seems to have improved since last season.

Cutler likes atmosphere better in post-Martz era - Little doubt he does not miss the old offensive regime. Didn't get on with Turner either.

Cutler: Marshall has changed, in a good way - "He’s a really good influence for these younger guys.”

Cutler, Marshall in Denver: “We were terrible” - Marshall: “When I look at film now, I think we were terrible, and I say that humbly."

Bears want to go back to the future with Cutler - QB reveling in atmospheric conditions around Halas Hall that replicate those that stimulated his success with the Broncos.

Bush fills in for Forte at Bears' OTA - Taking advantage of first-team reps to learn offense.

Tillman, Marshall Match-up Shines in Practice - Duo should help each other improve.

Paea looks to have increased role in second season - Counted on after the departures of Okoye and Adams.

Photos from OTAs - Happy shiny people Bears.

[Videos] Bears coming out of hibernation - Bears take the field for OTAs as Urlacher and Cutler look to rebound from injuries in 2011.

[Video] State Of The Bears - Contract negotiations between Forte and the Bears; how the team has tried to improve its offense.

Knox enrolled in football school of hard knocks - Dan Pompei being melodramatic. Knox staying positive.

Who would play for Urlacher if he was injured during the regular season? - Bears should know at the end of the spring whether DeCicco is capable of filling in in a regular-season environment.

Bowen's Breakdown: Zone pressure in Cover 2 - Bowen on the X&Os of how the Bears create zone pressure in the Cover 2 defense.

How do you beat Cover 3? - Bowen gets playbook-happy. We know all about being unable to stop 15-20yd passes to TEs in zone coverage...

Breaking down Hester in a slot alignment - Matt Bowen highlights #23 on the 'Smash-7' concept. Sweet TD against the Cowboys.

Football Outsiders: 2011 Defeats - Defined as any play that causes a turnover, loss of yardage, or stops a conversion on 3rd/4th down. Briggs and Peppers show their worth.

Classic scene from The Full Monty.