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Matt Forte Not Attending OTA Sessions

Not pictured: Matt Forte (22) Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-US PRESSWIRE
Not pictured: Matt Forte (22) Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-US PRESSWIRE

Matt Forte won't practice with his team while in an on-going contract dispute.Michael Bush is taking the first team reps during OTAs this week, as reported by the SEIF over at ESPN.

This should surprise exactly no one on the planet, but Forte is continuing to try and use whatever leverage he has left to get that new deal.

Some thoughts after the jump.

First, this tidbit from Michael Bush:

"Nobody has ever brought up Forte's name or wished he was here or anything to make me feel uncomfortable. But me being me, [I think] Forte needs to come on out so we can get it going. But I know he's got to take care of himself and his family as well."

The guy that he got mad about coming in to compete with him is now, by and large, CALLING HIM OUT TO COMPETE with him.

Now, it's obviously a tough situation. I'd like to believe that in a perfect world, Forte would want to be out with his team, learning all the new greatest plays that Tice, Bates, and Cutler are working out.

Let's be honest, though--these are OTAs. This is the football equivalent of getting together with your buddies and saying "Hey--we're going to run some plays, but don't touch me or I'll take my ball and go home."

Will anyone be hurt by Matt Forte not being at OTAs? No, probably not. Now June mini-camp, on the other hand...

Stay tuned for any updates to the contract situation, or to any additional news on how much Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall like each other.