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Picks to Improve: Kellen Davis

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This one might seeem a little strange - after all, Davis led the team with five touchdown catches last year. But, after including those five into his career totals, he's had nine touchdown catches in three seasons (not including 2008), on only twenty-eight receptions. He's certainly a player the Bears can't say has been overused in his career, whether it be through sitting behind Greg Olsen, having Mike Martz as an offensive coordinator, or for a season, both.

Things seem pretty well poised for Davis to have a good year, as long as he can take advantage of his opportunity at the top of a depth chart not headed by a guy who generally treated receiving tight ends like the plague anywhere outside of the red zone. With the other large targets on the field, he may not get as many looks in the red zone, but he'll still be able to grab his share of balls on top of smaller cornerbacks or linebackers, and those same larger receivers will open up opportunities for him across the middle and on shorter, yard-after-catch situations.

Spaeth has never been a solid receiving threat. Evan Rodriguez could be, but at this point, he's not going to overtake Davis as the number one tight end option. So Davis should definitely set career marks in receptions and yardage (as easy as that is to say), and he may be able to with touchdowns provided he can take in some shallow-red-zone or just outside of there opportunities.